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Yoga for Radiant Wellbeing: 7 Day Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Amidst stunning tropical mountain scenery you will learn how to increase the benefits of your yoga practice while learning to let go of detrimental behavior patterns that are not serving you. Begin each day with a 3 hour asana, breath, and alignment practice, and end each day with a 2 hour pranayama, meditation, and yoga therapeutics session.



Chiang Dao Nest 17929653
144/4 M.5, Ban Tham, Chiang Dao TH

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Jan 14 to
Jan 20
15:00 pmto12:00 pm

Mon: 16:00-18:00: Welcome & breath work
Tue-Sat: 9:30-12:30: Asana practice
Tue-Sat 16:00-18:00: Pranayama, meditation, and therapeutics
Sun: 7:00-10:00: Asana practice & closing circle



Full Description

Yoga has the power to transform your body and your mind, enabling you to lead a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life. But what you emphasize when you practice yoga will determine whether you are maximizing or minimizing its extraordinary benefits.

In this retreat you will learn how to increase the benefits of yoga while learning to let go of detrimental behavior patterns that can creep into your practice. You will also learn how to practice in such a way as to minimize injuries, even if you have pre-existing conditions that may make you wonder whether you should practice yoga at all. Another emphasis of the retreat is to help you cultivate a personal practice to facilitate the integration of your yoga practice into your life off the mat, again because adding a personal practice component will dramatically increase the benefits of your practice. Lastly, you will learn specific yoga techniques to address chronic health conditions such as back pain, poor posture, poor circulation, chronic stress, insomnia, constipation, neck tension, depression, low energy, scoliosis, and osteoporosis. To help me tailor the retreat to the particular health needs of the attendees, you have the option of filling out a confidential health questionnaire on the arrival day.

One important way in which to increase the benefits of your practice is to emphasize how you practice, rather than what you practice. This emphasis on how you practice means that the truly transformative aspects of yoga are accessible to anyone, regardless of physical condition. However, emphasizing how you practice is an aspect that does not come easy to most people. This is especially true for people who have previously emphasized a rigorously athletic practice, in other words, a practice focused primarily on the 'what'.

This emphasis on the 'how' holds the promise of making your practice smarter than your habits. Focusing on the 'how' will help you break out of existing movement, posture, and thought patterns that don't serve you, rather than reinforcing those patterns. I use creative, fun, and innovative techniques to help you break out of those habits — like using real-time iPad photos and videos in class to reveal detrimental movement patterns and to help you make dramatic changes on the spot. If you are convinced that you are not tensing your neck, for example, you cannot begin to relax it, and seeing your neck tension in a photo convinces you like nothing else!


Each day I will lead an asana practice from 9:30 to 12:30, and a meditation and pranayama practice from 16:00 to 18:00, leaving plenty of time to explore the local hiking trails, temples, villages, caves, and hot springs, or simply to relax by the pool and make friends with like-minded yogis in the midst of stunning tropical mountain scenery.

Please arrive no later than 15:00 on Monday, January 14, 2019.

Mon: 16:00-18:00: Welcome circle, pranayama and meditation
Tue-Sat: 9:30-12:30: Asana practice; 90 minute asana practice followed by 90 minutes of detailed, workshop-style explorations of asana benefits
16:00-18:00: Pranayama, meditation, and in depth discussions of particular health concerns
Sun: 7:00-10:00: Asana practice and closing circle

Departure after lunch on Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Location: The Chiang Dao Nest 1, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

The Nest is a boutique eco resort nestled in beautiful gardens at the foot of majestic Chiang Dao Mountain, with two restaurants that feature some of the best food in Northern Thailand. It is 75km north of Chiang Mai and has been our favorite getaway in Northern Thailand for the last 10 years. For directions, see the "Getting There" section below.

Pricing Details

All prices include accommodation for 6 nights, 18 hours of asana practice, and 12 hours of meditation, pranayama, and discussion sessions. Also included is transportation from and to Chiang Mai's old city, as is a trip to the local natural hot springs. Dinners are included in the cost of the retreat, but breakfast, lunch, and beverages are not included. Budget $60-120 (2000-4000THB) for those meals and beverages for 6 days and see "Food Options" below for details.

Accommodation Options

Choose between standard and deluxe cottages, single or double occupancy. There are 3 deluxe cottages and 9 standard ones, two of which have twin beds instead of a queen bed. All cottages have private bathrooms with hot showers and a porch or balcony. The deluxe cottages are more spacious and have in-room fridges and drinking water heaters for tea and coffee. (There is a hot water dispenser near the restaurant accessible around the clock, so you can still make your 6 am tea even if you didn't snag one of the deluxe cottages.) If you are coming with a partner or friend who is not participating in the retreat, book a cottage for one person and your friend stays with you for free, though an additional charge for food applies. An extra bed for a third person (child) is 350THB per night.

Regular Registration (until January 6, 2019)

US$789 for one person in a private standard cottage
US$669 per person for two people in a private standard cottage
US$829 for one person in a private deluxe cottage
US$689 per person for two people in a private deluxe cottage

To register, click on this link:

Late Registration (after January 6, 2019)

If any of the reserved rooms have not been booked by Sunday January 6, I will cancel the unfilled room reservations. So if you want to join after Sunday January 6 (assuming there is still space in the retreat), I will first have to check room availability or you will have to make your own room arrangements. The yoga and dinner only cost for late registrations is 15,7500THB (US$475). However, I would STRONGLY encourage you to register earlier, because you may not be able to get a room at Nest 1 at such a late date.

Food Options

The Nest 1 has a highly regarded European restaurant. The Nest 2, a 10 minute walk away, has an equally excellent Thai restaurant. There are several other resorts within walking distance that have restaurants, as well as street stalls serving simple Thai food. Both restaurants at The Nest have vegan, vegetarian, seafood, and meat options. Both restaurants serve breakfast from 8 am until 11 am and start serving lunch at 10:30 am. I strongly recommend eating breakfast at 8 am and eating a light breakfast, so that you can digest your food before the morning practice begins at 9:30 am. Breakfast and lunch entrees at both restaurants are 100-200THB, so budget 2000-4000THB for those meals and beverages for 6 days. If you are planning on eating at the less fancy Thai restaurants in the village, you can budget less. Group dinners are included in the price of the retreat: On Thursday we will have a group barbecue (European style, with lot's of vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian options) at Nest 1. On the other nights we will have family-style Thai dinners (again with plenty of vegan and pescatarian options) at Nest 2.

Weather in January

The Nest lies at about 600m elevation, and winter mornings and evenings can be surprisingly chilly for tropical latitudes, down to perhaps 10-15 degrees centigrade (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit). Please bring some warm clothes like a fleece or down jacket, fleece pants, and a wool hat and thick wool socks to make sure you are comfortable. If you get cold easily you may even want to bring light gloves and a scarf.

Getting There

If you are driving, click this link for a map and directions: 6bv8Zse6kJ2

Transportation to and from Chiang Mai's old town is included in the retreat price. A minivan will leave from The Yoga Tree Studio in Chiang Mai's old city at 13:00 on Monday January 14, and will return to The Yoga Tree Studio Sunday January 20 around 15:00. I will send out an email one week before retreat begin to which you will need to reply to reserve a space in the van.

If you are coming straight from the airport, the easiest option would be to contact The Nest for an airport pickup: (Please contact them at least 48 hours ahead of time.)

Other Registration Options

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or in person at one of my classes, do not to use the web link above. Instead send me a message via FaceBook Messenger.

Wait List

Space is limited to a maximum of 18 participants. If the retreat sells out, you can choose to be added to the waitlist by using this link: