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Yoga Foundation Course

Suitable for anyone who has been practising for 2 years or more, this course will deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga. It is a first step and pre-requisite for most Teacher Training Courses but not just for those who wish to go on to teaching. The aims are for you to explore and develop a full and supportive personal practice.


Saighton Village Hall,7932709
Saighton Lane, Saighton, CH3 6EH, Chester GB

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  • Course

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Sep 9 to
Jun 2
2018 - 2019
10:00 amto17:00 pm

A 60-hr course introducing you to the wider aspects of Hatha Yoga and building on the essential foundations of your weekly class. Also exploring yoga in its philosophical and historical context



Full Description

60-hour course. One Sunday per month, Sep2018 to Jun2019
We will cover:
- all the foundational Asanas, offering progressions and variations
- breathing and some of the main Pranayamas (breathing practices) like Alternative Nostril Breathing, Victorious breath
- Mudras, Bandhas - gestures, seals and locks, which direct prana in a particular way
- introduction to more of the subtle anatomy, including the koshas, vayus, chakras
- some meditation and mantra (sound work)
- relaxation techniques
- a philosophical perspective, the 8 limbs of classical yoga
- a look at the key classical texts such as the Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads
That's already a lot of subject areas!
My aim is to help you deep and and personalise your own practice, and also give you a flavour of the wider offerings of Hatha Yoga, so you can explore further according to your interests. It's a journey that never
Please do contact me to find out more or meet me. I can send you Testimonials from current students.