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Yoga Holiday in Greece on the Island of Lesbos: 10 – 17 September

Join Regina on a relaxing and rejuvenating week of yoga on the Island of Lesbos, Greece. This unforgettable week-long yoga retreat, an opportunity to deepen your practice or discover yoga for the first time in a calm and supportive environment conducive to relaxation, rejuvenation and unwinding.



Sep 14 to
Sep 21
20:00 pmto20:00 pm

14 - 21 September 2019: This unforgettable week-long yoga holiday, an opportunity to deepen your practice or discover yoga for the first time in Greece, on the beautiful island Lesbos.



Full Description

Pure Yoga holiday on the beautiful Island of lesbos - Greece. The perfect time to deepen your yoga practice and awareness with up to four hours of yoga a day yoga, various meditations and breathing techniques whilst enjoying the last rays of the summer

Wood – Yielding, Flexible, Olive Trees

Earth (1st: Base Chakra) – Yin Yoga, Walking, Mountains.

Water (2e: Pelvic Chakra) – Soft Yang Flows, The Ocean, Swimming in the Turquoise Sea.

Fire (3rd Chakra) – Sunsets, Delicious Greek Food, Sunshine.

Air (4th Heart Chakra) – Peace, Harmony, Endless Views.

Space (5th: Throat Chakra) – Blue Sky, Chanting, Laughter, Freedom.

Light (6th: Brow Chakra, 3rd Eye) – Meditation, Dreaming, Bliss
…and a Deep Breath.

The Milelja Centre is purpose built and provides extremely comfortable accommodation as well as delicious, locally grown food. Set in terraced gardens, with olive trees and wild flowers, it has a spring water infinity pool with breathtaking views of the crystal blue Aegean sea, within easy walking distance.

This holiday experience will show you the possibility of extending yogic practices and awareness into your everyday life. Applying yoga in this way can make your day to day activities more fulfilling and less stressful.

Students of all levels of experience as well as non yogis are welcome. This is an ideal holiday to enjoy on your own or bring a friend, relative or partner.