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Yoga Nidra and the Healing Forces of the Chiron Gong

Experience the depth of Yoga Nidra with the healing forces of the Chiron Gong in Shanti home


Rue Darwin,8, Bruxelles BE 1190

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Nov 21
19:45 pmto20:45 pm

You are welcome to arrive at 19:35 to settle comfortably


15 €

Full Description

On November 21st, in Shanti home we will explore Yoga Nidra with the healing forces of the Chiron Gong.

Through very specific calculations, Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician, calculated the frequency of the planets, based on their orbits. These calculations found their way into the tuning of gongs and hence planetary gongs were born. Each Planet Gong works on a particular chakra and a specific physical area. Chiron works on the Heart, and with its unconventional methods it works specifically on our deepest wounds. When we look for meaning in turmoil and pain, Chiron finds a way through. It resonates to the of , 172.86 Hz / F2.

This Asteroid, first discovered in 1977, orbits between Saturn and Uranus and is only approximately 180 Km in diameter. Its name comes from Greek mythology. Chiron was a wise centaur, with great knowledge of medicine but in the myth he is wounded and cannot treat his own wounds, while he can take care of others. This archetype of the "wounded healer" reminds us of our capacity to do good, even if some aspects of us need healing.

The Chiron gong is a powerful shamanic tool and is an essential gong for initiation, healing and personal transformation

Yoga Nidra is a very special and ancient type of yoga. In Sanskrit “Nidra” literally means sleep, but this practice goes beyond our western idea of sleep. In a Yoga Nidra session, participants lie down comfortably and with their eyes closed. There is no movement, but participants remain engaged and aware while the teacher guides them through different stages.

Yoga Nidra has been practiced for centuries in India and it has been used in healing process, as well as accelerated learning. Because of the dynamics of Yoga Nidra and the way it is structured, we are able to move across the different layers covering the self, and we can experience emotional release as well as the cleansing of samskaras or karmic imprints, which have a direct impact on our daily experience.

The use of the Gong in yoga Nidra can take participants into deeper and more transcendental states, achieving remarkable results. The experience of Yoga Nidra and Gong Yoga Nidra can helps us increase our awareness, our self-compassion and compassion for others, propel us in our path of transformation and can accelerate inner healing processes.

After some physical warmups, you will be invited to lie down and be guided in your journey of discovery for one hour. This session will allow you to go to the deepest layers of your being, to cleanse and renew

If the proposal resonates with you, please contact us to secure a place, the exchange of energy for the evening will be 15 euro.

Do get in touch if you have any questions

In love, service and resonance
Sat Nam, Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in