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Yoga Nidra & deep Relaxation

This workshop will focus on ancient practice of Yoga Nidra/Yogi Sleep which targets our Life Force energy (Prana) directly. Effects of this create calmness and pure joy and huge decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is the state of being between sleep and wakefulness (like shavasana) where the relaxation response & regeneration occur. This healing practice relieves stress patterns by retraining the nervous system to relax which creates a natural setting for the body to heal itself.


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579 W. 9th St, San Pedro CA, US 90731
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Jun 13
18:00 pmto18:00 pm

Saturday, June 14th, 2014 1.00pm-3.00pm.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to take care of all preliminary actions and get settled in by the time class is ready to start.



Donation Based Event. $18.00-$30.00 Suggested

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Experience the 10,000 years old, ancient powerful practice that induces a complete state of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Yogi Sleep is an ancient but little-known yogic practice that's becoming increasingly popular as both a form of guided meditation and a mind-body therapy. It is a systematic form of guided relaxation that typically is done for 45- 70 minutes at a time with research showing that 45 minutes of practice is equal to approximately four hours of deep sleep.

Yoga Nidra effects has been proven through studies at Stanford, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other universities to help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, addiction and cholesterol, and increases overall calm and feelings of well-being, enhances creativity and motivation, strengthens the endocrine system, and balances the nervous system.

Learn practical techniques to focus the mind and eliminate the majority of mental sufferings. Access the borderline state between wakefulness and sleep to receive the benefits of meditation without the challenges of trying to still the mind.

Understand how it works, why it’s such an integral aspect of yoga and a balanced life in general, and learn how to get more from your practice.

In this 2 hours workshop, we will explore this ancient practice in depth. Here is what to look forward to:

*A gentle, calming asana (physical) practice
*Setting & working with a Sankalpa (positive intention) throughout the practice
*Relieving stress and tension in the body & mind
*Letting go of the old, negative habitual pattern & emotions

Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing, mats and blankets are provided and bring anyone you think might get benefited from some relaxation!
All levels are welcome. It’s a complimentary practice to add to your current yoga/tai chi or any other energy healing dedicated practices.
This meditation requires nothing except listening to the sound of my voice and being aware of your body. It will work even if you fall asleep!
Everyone can benefit from Yoga Nidra, children included (this particular workshop is for adults or teens who are able to sit/lay still for 45 or more minutes).

Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits, such as reduced stress and better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds. As a meditation practice, it can engender a profound sense of joy and well-being.

And as a Bonus, Its a donation based workshop. Suggested donation is $18- $30. I hope to see you!:) Love & Blessings! Rashmi