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Yoga Nidra- Deep relaxation for better sleep

This workshop is part of a series of three Yoga Nidra practical workshops focused on exploring different aspects of the practice.
-'Deep relaxation for better sleep' // April 8th and May 20th
-'Sankalpa: The power of intention' //April 22nd and June 2nd
- 'Journey through the chakras' // 6th May and 17th June


Mar 26 to
Mar 27
22:55 pmto22:55 pm

The dates on which we will explore basic techniques for deep relaxation before sleep are April 8th and May 20th.
Please ensure to arrive by 7:20 pm as the gate will be shut at 7:30 sharp.



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Generally, during regular sleep we do not unburden totally and unconsciously we carry our frustrations, conflicts, pain and turmoil with us in sleep, hence sleep never goes deep. This creates constant body- mind tension and hormonal imbalance, that can manifests as insomnia or chronic fatigue.
You will learn how to bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation before sleep and how small life style changes that can make all the difference in regulating your endocrine secretions to aid better sleep.