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Yoga Nidra online course of 5 days

Yoga Nidra is said to be the deepest meditation possible. It is an ancient tool to enter deep states of consciousness still keeping the awareness. In this altered state it is possible to learn, explore, heal, transform and use the subtle-inner senses, leaving aside the limitations of physical and mental perception.


Auromodele, Auroville IN

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  • Workshop

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May 9 to
May 13
01:30 amto16:00 pm

Date & timings: 9’th to 13’th of May

1:30 AM till 4 PM (Indian Time)
10 AM till 12:30 AM (european time)

venue: online course

Focus: relation of conscious thoughts & the subconscious program


50 €

Full Description

“Yoga Nidra as a tool for healing and personal growth”
5 – days online course

Main focus: relation of conscious thoughts and the subconscious programming

What we will learn & explore:

- Yoga Nidra, it’s practice & benefits: healing, balance, development
- Yoga Nidra as a tool to connect with the subconscious mind; how to utilise this connection.
- Sankalpa - the wish we want to realize in our lives.
- What is the rational mind and how it can become a barrier to the use of our potential; what are the ways to better master the active mind (samraj), that it would not sabotage our Sankalpa.
- How, on the other hand, our subconscious programming can discreetly hinder our best conscious intentions.
- How does the programming, which influences and even creates our reality, happen
- the relation of conscious & subconscious thought patterns & believes
- Self-esteem and the sense of worthiness or unworthiness, which influences our inner sense of deservability, which in its turn influences our life, goals, future and reality
- How to make use of the treasure, hidden in the depth of our subconsciousness
- How to re-program the unwanted subconscious programming

Yoga Nidra (Yoga of Conscious Sleep) is said to be the deepest meditation possible. It is an ancient tool to enter deep states of relaxation (even to Delta brain waves state), while keeping the awareness. In this altered state of consciousness it is possible to enter deep into oneself, learn, explore, heal, transform and use the subtle-inner senses, leaving aside the limitations of physical and mental perception. Also learn to utilise the advantage of Yoga Nidra to use the night-time for this work.

There are some well known benefits of yoga Nidra, such as better quality of sleep and deep relaxation, and more less known but far reaching benefits, which can be addressed through yoga Nidra: healing, changing the negative thought patterns, experiencing our energy body and the energy centres, developing the subtle-physical body & subtle inner senses, out of body experience, conscious sleep & preparation for the moment of physical death. Many participants of the workshop start experiencing the energy body from the first sessions.

The first main topic of this workshop will be Yoga Nidra state as the bridge connecting us with the Subconsciousness. Our conscious mind is just the topmost surface of reality and awareness and is limited by the 5 physical senses. “Unrecognised and heroic portions of our psyche lie beneath the prosaic life” as Lee Pulos states. These underwater-treasures can be utilized for any changes we want in our lives, for health and personal growth. We will explore, what role do the rational and the subconscious mind play in our life and personal development.
Sri Aurobindo says: “What is the idea of the human being that he/she will become.” But the important question to observe in oneself is WHAT do we dare or feel worthy to become?

Yoga Nidra can also help us to understand and have real experiences, again, not limited by the tight focus of the rational mind. If in the “normal” state I say to myself “All is One” - it remains just a mental idea. During Yoga Nidra one can have a more direct, even bodily perception of the same; it’s like an awakening of different subtle senses we poses, the experience is immediate, direct, explosive, and not mentalised.

During this 5-day online course will explore the combination of theory and practice. The main theoretical topics of the course will be directly incorporated into the Yoga Nidra exercises.
The participants will also receive records of Yoga Nidra to continue their practice.

In the second part of the course we will deepen the Yoga Nidra experience and concentrate on the topic of “Conscious Evolution”:

- Inner experiences while entering the deep states of relaxation and awareness
- Healing experience of psychological and emotional issues through Yoga Nidra.
- Why balancing the different layers of the being and removing the emotional
- “debris” is the only SAFE path to progress.
- Yoga Nidra and its connection to the Spiritual path
- What is conscious evolution? Although Nature is pushing us toward this exciting opportunity, nothing will happen without our active participation. How we are/ can become conscious co-creators of our own evolutionary process
- Yoga Nidra being one of the tools of our active participation & co-creation towards conscious evolution and transformation

Egle is a researcher in the fields of philosophy, education, energy healing, brain and hypnotherapy. She has been using Yoga Nidra as tool since 20 years and giving workshops in Germany and India.

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