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Yoga Nidra- Sankalpa: The power of Intention

This workshop is part of a series of three Yoga Nidra practical workshops focused on exploring different aspects of the practice.
-'Deep relaxation for better sleep' // April 8th and May 20th
-'Sankalpa: The power of intention' //April 22nd and June 2nd
-'Journey through the chakras' // 6th May and 17th June


Apr 22 to
Jun 3
19:30 pmto20:30 pm

On April 22nd and June 3rd, we will formulate an intention statement and learn how it can be used.

Please ensure to arrive by 7:20 pm as the gate will be shut at 7:30 sharp.



Full Description

A characteristic feature of Yoga Nidra is using a clearly determined intention- or Sankalpa- to change deep rooted habit patterns. The ancient yogis used the deep sleep state to examine their thought patterns in their latent, non active form. These formless forms, or deep habit patterns, are called “samskaras” and are the driving force of actions. Habitual negative actions, can thus be reduced and eliminated through a regular and committed practice.
You will learn how to formulate a powerful Sankalpa and how to use it effectively to release any negative pattern or deep rooted habit that is no longer serving you.