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Yoga of Recovery Certification for Counselors with Durga Leela

The Yoga Of Recovery course is for anyone interested in a more holistic view of both the problem and solution to addictions and self destructive behaviors. YoR integrates the healing and wisdom of the Vedas - Yoga and Ayurveda and allows us to see, from the patients narrative, where the therapeutic solution may come from.


Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas, BS

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  • Workshop



Apr 15 to
Apr 24
12:00 pmto12:00 pm



Full Description

Topics of this course include:

Root causes of addiction
Addictive tendencies of the doshic types
The role of prana in recovery (diet, exercise, hatha yoga)
Understanding the gunas
Our spiritual/psychological natures
Four paths of yoga for those in recovery
Raja Yoga and the 12 steps
Ayurvedic nutrition
The importance of proper daily and seasonal routines
Key recovery tools
Satsang support: fellowship
Ayurvedic counseling profiles
Detoxification and herbal therapies.