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Yoga of the Heart Teacher Training


If you want to experience a profound learning and life changing course, amongst a group of supportive and like minded individuals, then perhaps you should consider our teacher training program. We aim to provide a safe and enriching environment, for you to deepen your practice, so that your own inner teacher can naturally unfold.


369 Campbell Hill Street, Marietta GA, US 30060

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training


Feb 6 to
May 30
17:00 pmto17:00 pm

We will meet every other weekend, for nine weekends, beginning on February 7th, 2015



** Payment plan also available that can be paid over the duration of the course totalling $2600

A $350 deposit will reserve your spot and is refundable by December 15th if this training is not right for you.

Full Description


Students will have an understanding of the anatomy of the physical body, kinesiology, and be able to implement what they learn in the postures. Students will know the anatomically correct position of the musculoskeletal system and how the asanas function to create stimulation of the physical and mental body.

In Depth Alignment
Emphasis on setting a strong foundation first & teaching the proper engagement of muscles, to align bones and joints correctly, for each pose. We will be going into details of how to integrate and also extend out through the muscles and bones to enhance the prana flow in the body. The students will be able to articulate the importance of alignment and how through the asanas, they are also aligning to the bigger energy that brings forth healing, health and over all well being. Students will be able to teach proper alignment principles and also recognize misalignments so that they can help their students express their poses in a safe and enhancing way.

As we go through the asanas, we will be strongly emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of the postures. Students will learn how physical practice and breath effect each of the body's systems and how to use the poses to create therapeutic benefits for overall well being.

Sequencing and Theming
The students will learn how to effectively warm-up, climax, cool-down a class and what poses to use for each. They will learn how to effectively use poses to build up and prepare for more difficult postures for the safety and happiness of their own students. The students will also be taught how to weave in meaning to a yoga class and how to use said meaning to help their students more deeply feel their practice.

Energy Body- Prana, Chakras, Nadis
Students will be confident in their understanding of the body's energetic system and how our physical and emotional states effect the flow of Prana. They will understand how the physical body reflects the state of the energetic body and how to use asana, breath and thought to create balance in both.

Yoga Philosophy
The amount of yoga philosophy and metaphysics out there is so mind blowing, that there is only so much that can be covered in a 200 hour training. However we will begin to delve into the Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Shiva/Shakti and the deeper meaning of our practice as being an unfoldment of consciousness and bliss.

Personal Practice and Hands on Training
The personal practice of each student will be strongly emphasized in the training. It is through their personal practice that the students will be able to internalize what they are learning. What they feel in their body, they will be able to articulate and teach more clearly to their own will also be offering many opportunities, throughout the training, for students to have hands on practice in teaching each other in the classroom. The students will then feel more ready to teach their own class with more confidence.

This course is not just for those interested in teaching! Yoga of the Heart is for anyone interested in personal growth, expanding knowledge or a spiritual journey.

Please contact us at 770-421-9353 or to find out if our teacher training is right for you. We look forward to sharing with you, in your journey of transformation and growth.