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Yoga One Teacher Training Summer Intensive

Yoga One offers a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered course in Flow Yoga (Interdisciplinary, breath and alignment based practice including sun salutations and approximately 50 foundational postures – see Topics tab for more details). We hope you will join us for one of our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training certification programs. We are currently accepting applications for the 2014 Summer course and 2015 8-weekend course – Register now to reserve your space.


Yoga One - San Diego
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1150 7th Avenue, San Diego CA, US 92101
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  • Teacher Training

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Aug 12 to
Aug 30
19:30 pmto05:45 am

August 13 – 30, 2014 (with Aug. 18 & 25th off) 19 Day Intensive



SAVE $400 when registered in full by June 1st! Free Info Meeting Sunday June 1st, 5-6pm

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Program Overview:

Yoga One is honored to offer each student a deep understanding of yoga and its transmission with our comprehensive 200-hour Yoga Alliance Affliliated Teacher Training certification courses. Our highly experienced teachers are professional, inspiring and embody a full range of yogic knowledge: posture practice (asana), breathing (pranayama), history, philosophy and applications in daily living.

We limit the class size so every student receives personalized attention and our course curriculum has been time tested, providing proven results and benefits on and off the mat. We offer tools and building blocks so each student can grow and evolve in their own unique way both as teachers and as individuals. In addition to helping students deepen their practice, we will teach how to lead safe, effective and well-balanced classes – much more than memorizing scripts and following a set format.

Yoga One has been training instructors to teach yoga since 2007. Our graduates have gone on to own or manage their own yoga studios, lead yoga retreats and teach in top yoga studios, gyms, corporations and private clients in San Diego and all over the world. We have had students come from as far away as London and Japan to train with us. We are excited to get to know you and grateful to share the joys and benefits of yoga!

Course topics include:

Asanas (postures): Gain a deep understanding of the Five Alignment Steps, which are applicable to all yoga poses, as well as key teaching points, benefits, modifications including props, and hands-on adjustments for approximately 50 fundamental postures. Learn how to safely and effectively sequence classes for different levels, styles and themes.

Anatomy and physiology: Learn practical knowledge of muscles and joints, and how this translates into a deeper understanding of a safe yoga practice.

Philosophy and history: A well-rounded and thorough introduction, including the Yoga Sutras and applications in a modern context.
Pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation: Introduction to various techniques and benefits.

Teaching methodology: Class safety, ethics and practice teaching which will include development of your unique personal voice, communication skills such as how to be clear and inspiring, and class management. Introduction to the “business” of yoga including mission statements, job application processes and marketing.

40 yoga classes at Yoga One (existing EFTs can be frozen): Enjoy attending and evaluating 40 classes as part of your tuition (classes expire on last day of course).

Teaching opportunities: Opportunities to teach community classes at Yoga One following successful completion of the course.


I was retiring (yay!) from a long and rewarding career in corporate accounting. The last dozen years or so were spent with troubled companies who needed a thorough housecleaning and/or revamping in order to position them for sale. It is much like buying a fixer-upper house. You are excited, work hard, sell it, then you are drained and have no place to live. Much of what I had to do at work involved tough love. Mentoring and rallying the team was fun but letting the non players go was the hardest part. My yoga practice helped me stay sane until I finally had enough. I decided to change my life, quit work, enroll in landscape architecture classes and take my yoga practice up a notch by getting my teaching certificate. About as far from corporate accounting as I could get!!

I was a month into my landscape and YTT (Yoga One Teacher Training) classes and I realized I found myself living in a KIND environment. I’d never lived like that before. Not growing up, not in my married life, and certainly not in my career. Sure, I tried to be kind and there were kind people along the way but never an entire environment that focused on kindness. I had no idea that people lived that way. That everything some people did was centered around kindness and thoughtfulness including surrounding themselves with other kind and gentle people. My landscape classes were less of a rarified version of the YTT classes but they, too, had a much greater dose of kindness than any of my past lives. WOW! What a wonderful revelation!

It has been an inspiration that I am able to carry with me far beyond the asanas. I hope I can leave a trail of kindness behind me as I walk though this life just as you [Michael] and Amy, my fellow YTT’s and everyone at Yoga One does. Shanti
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

I had an amazing experience… I was able to move right into a yoga position and have been teaching. My experience and training [at Yoga One] have given me an edge. If I had not been given the specific anatomy and detailed practice information, I would not be able to work with the population I do now. I teach gentle yoga and most of my clients are 60-80 years old and I am able to keep them safe!!! I also work with healthy back classes and clients that struggle with fibromyalgia. I am forever thankful for the journey with Yoga One! Thank you
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

I learned more about me, my body and my practice in the last month than I’ve learned in the last year! I think the alignment principles we learned completely changed my practice. I started seeing yoga as a whole and not just asana practice. I think this course completely changed my awareness and consciousness of my body and opened a lot of inner doors that I did not know [existed].
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

Amy & Diana are rock stars! The general energy of the classmates was very inspiring. It was great to devote so much time per week to yoga.
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

This course inspired me to share yoga (with self and others) with more confidence and understanding. As a student I enjoyed being present, sharing with and learning from the beautiful teachers and students. I felt supported in working out the balance of taking the course and living my life. Learning the varying approaches to asana from discipline to discipline was insightful. Awesome studio! Awesome studio owners! I like you guys!
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

I don’t know how long, if ever, it would have taken to reach this new awareness.
I wouldn’t have had as deep of an understanding – the need for the understanding of the shoulders and pelvis —the “hugging in” concept is so valuable! Priceless…something I can grow from—a starting point. By example, Amy, you’ve shown true grace with your full being and will serve as my “Guru” in my mind’s eye when I struggle with grace and finding peace. Truthfully…this is possibly the most valuable gem I came to experience. Thank you. There truly was a great balance throughout the course. Teaching in a round robin like setting was eye opening for me—doing it in a circle rocks! I have told everyone I know [about the course] it was an amazing experience and that Amy & Michael are so kind, sweet and informative. You two have tapped into something very special. Keep offering teacher/yoga training at least two times a year or one for each season.
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

The manipulation of shoulders and back was so transformational for me. The philosophical side is so important for one to truly understand yoga and teach it effectively and with integrity. I find [I have] a more balanced practice. [The training’s] holistic and comprehensive approach is invaluable to the beginning teacher and continuing yoga practitioner. Thank you.
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

I learned how to approach yoga from many different angles. Through thought: the philosophy behind the practice was new to me and I found it very helpful to learn yoga as a way of life beyond exercise. Through asana and anatomy: I learned the many ways in which we take for granted the use of our bodies. The classes taught me other helpful ways of being in the body. Through practice: I learned the value of steady practice.
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course

I really enjoyed finding out all the different reasons why people do yoga and how to approach yoga from many different directions, spiritual, physical, daily practice. This understanding can only happen in a group setting where people get to know each other through one activity. I learned a lot about my own resistance to daily practice and trying to work with this instead of against it.[The teacher training course] is a great way to focus on something you love that can bring health and happiness to the world. You made a safe and fun environment for us to explore ourselves and each other through yoga.
Alumni Yoga One Teacher Training Course