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Yoga Retreat and Spiritual Coaching

Yoga Retreat and Coaching - You! open your heart and find yourself
It‘s a new time! It‘s a time when many things and situations change.
Some things break away, a lot of new situations, people, etc. arrive.

Times of change are times for yourself! It‘s the right time NOW for your wishes and dreams. Time for LOVING YOURSELF! Time to arrive at yourself!

Where are you? Who are you? What is important for you and for your life? Where do you suffer? Where is your heart singing?

Those are questions, that we will talk about during the Yoga Retreat.

Yoga is a wonderful way to support finding your inner self. Yoga at home means that you are with your inner self maybe during the one, two, four hours in the Yoga studio and not long after, being in your daily business again, all the inner love, all inner being is gone.

During the days that you are in Dahab, you have the great possibility to really see your innerself. Meet yourself and save all that information in your cells to take everything home, back into your „normal life“.

Start your day with yoga and finish your day with yoga.
Enjoy a vitalising and at the same time nourishing yoga lesson in the morning, move all energy into your body with pranayama and flowing asanas.

And flow with the calmness of the evening with a regenerating yoga lesson at night.

We will warm up ourselfs and our hearts with yoga and pranayama to finalise the wonderful lesson with a meditation that will open your heart and support you to connect with your inner self.

At high noon we will have coaching and teaching in the group. Talking about questions that move you, about ways to ease your life.

We will have meditations in the group to support you, to get to know your inner self, your life, your feelings, your patterns. To get to know them, to understand them and to accept and love them. To love yourself.

You will experience, how easy it is, to see your feelings, to feel them, to accept them and to transform them!
And you will love to experience whow much easier life can be then!

During the day you can enjoy the beautiful hotel with the wonderful view onto the sea and the mountains of Saudi Arabia or you want to discover the surroundings.

Maybe you will make a tour on one of the boats, go snocheling or diving.

Or you just want to relax in your deck chair to integrate all teachings and meditation and else.
If you are extremely active, you can rent a bike, go hiking, surfing etc.

In the evenings you can book a meditation in the desert or a camel ride into the sunset.

I am sure that you will enjoy every second!

And maybe you want to really clean out your live and see your essence? Than you can book private (spiritual) coachings, Yoga lessons or meditations


Hotel El Primo, Dahab Sinai, EG

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Oct 9 to
Oct 14
21:00 pmto03:00 am

Your daily programme:

8 am - Greet the day and start with Yoga, Pranayama and meditation (75 minutes)

4 pm - Coaching, meditation and teaching in the group (120 minutes)

8 pm - Finish the day with Yoga, Pranayama and meditaton (75 minutes)

You can additionally book single lessons and single coachings during the breaks, which cost 90 Euro per session


450 €

For Yoga, Meditation and Group Coaching.
Accomodation, flights, travel and food are not included.
Accomodation is 21 Euro per person per bed in double room

Full Description

On the first day we will start at 4 pm with a group session. And on our last day we finish with the Yoga lesson in the morning.
Private coachings and lessons can be booked on both days non stop.

If you like to arrive earlier than this will be certainly a good thing to acclimate before the coachings. And even better is to stay a few days longer in order to get an even better integration of all new information!

Please book the Yoga Retreat directly at Zauberarbeit:

For accomodation please get into contact with Emily, the owner of Hotel El Primo:

Phone: 002 0100 4043978


Accomodation, flights and travel are your own responsibility.

Costs and accomodation:

for Yoga, Meditation and group coaching Sessions: 450 Euro

Costs for accomodation in double rooms: 21 Euro per night per person

It will be great but not mandatory that you are already practising yoga. Please bring your own Yoga mat and a meditation cushion if required.

If you have further questions, we will be happy to support you via email or phone!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Warm regards
Michaela & Emily!