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Yoga Retreats in Bali 2016

Yoga Retreat is based on one Yoga Philosophy, two classes Yoga Practice one mediation. We will have Q/A sessions as well. Our whole approach of this retreat would be finding a once own center through yoga breathing, meditation.


Kura Kura Yoga Retreat Bali
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Jl. Pantai Seseh, Dessa Munggu Bali, ID 80361

Type of Event

  • Retreat



Jan 14 to
Jan 20
11:15 amto11:15 am

Join our 1 week / 6 days Yoga retreats in Bali on January 2016


1,260 €

14th Jan to 20th Jan 2016 – Join Now – Euro 100 discount for early bird registrations!

Prize Single occupancy – 1260 Euro
Double occupancy with friends,spouse – 1050 Euro

Full Description

We have so many voices in our head either from society, religion or family each one wants to be in according to their own way and us all our lifetime trying to be according to Family. Religion and society. We are never thinking of to be oneself. If I want to be somebody we have to look is it my voice or its voice of society or religion. How can we achieve a mediation in which I am nobody but am.

Why Bali?

Bali has most high vibrating energy field due to the Regular ritual of and prayers of Balian inhabitants, which brings the vibration of thoughts and emotions. The whole world is a form of Vibration for example when there is thought is occurring it’s a fro of Vibration which creates either pleasant or unpleasant feelings. Pleasant feeling means waves, which makes me happy .thus when we are in Bali, which has beautiful High subtle vibrating energy the moment I am in that energy field my mind becomes enough. The quite mind is essential for deepening Yoga and Mediation practice thus I have chosen Bali for Yoga and Mediation retreat.

One day Site seeing

One afternoon Five Elemental Bath and Balian Ritual and Payers at the ancient temple in Bali. Though the retreat would be an instance light and humorous you will never feel heavy rather you feel that time has slept away.

Yoga Style

There can not be one form of Yoga each has to find their style. What does it mean –it means according to the day whether it is Hot, Cold, Humid you need to adapt your practice. According to your State of your Mind and body if you are dull and depressive you need to focus on back bending Asana if you high- per active, restless then you need to slow down your practice. Thus, there is a different kind of training can be done. But in this retreat, we will focus on group energy what is needed we will give that practice. Though our teaching is based on proper Alignment, right foundation, right thinking, right eating good practice.

Pranayama { Breathing }

Pranayama is the primary tool of all yoga practices with pranayama Yoga Practice is uncompleted .during our retreat we will lead to deeper and safer pranayama techniques. Pranayama is not mere inhalation, and exhalation Rather is leaning the art of retention, prolongation with total awareness. We will focus on training the lungs to get active to hold the breath.


Meditation is becoming a necessity for the modern world. Without modern mediation humanity was going to be crazy, modern lifestyle. Technology is leading our Mind and senses too far away from myself. Modern humanity has got all but lost oneself. If I am not there who is going to relate thus the problem of all kind of relationship. We will lead the meditation technique that which can bring oneself to oneself.
Without being oneself, I can not be authentic in my being in my relationships.

Kukura Yoga Retreat Bali

Kura Yoga Retreat has eight room with double acceptance with attach bath 24-hour running water. It has a beautiful swimming pool, spa, and magnificent garden. The staff of Kurkura Makes delicious Balian and continental healthful food. Beach is Just 5 Minute walk from Kura Yoga Retreat Center.

Arrival– We request you arrive by 11.30 am On the day of retreat starts.
Departure– last day of the retreat by 12.00Pm you need to check out
# if you want to come one before or want to stay Longer we will request you to contact Kura Yoga Retreat for further booking

Day One
Lunch – 1.00 Pm
Orientation – 3.00 Pm
Yoga – 4.00 pm
Dinner 07.00 pm
Night Meeting- 8.15 pm

Daily Schedule
7.00 Am Meditation
7.30 to 930 Am Yoga Lesson
9.30 to 1030 Am Breakfast
11.00 to 12.00 Pm Philosophy
12.30 to 1.30 pm Dinner
4.00 to 6.00pm Yoga/ Meditation/ Pranayama
7.00 to 8.00 pm Dinner
8.15 Night meetings
4th day of our retreat we will go for Five elements Holy bath after breakfast.