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Yoga, Somatics & Alignment Mini Workshops - #3 Igniting your power house

This set of 4 mini workshops will explore you inner world through the body using exercises from Somatics, yoga therapy, asana alignment and visual imagery processes to guide your transformation of your current practice, bringing you to another level in your yogic journey. You can come to all 4 or just whichever one speaks to you.


Greifenfasse 11, Basel CH 4058

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  • Workshop

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Jul 21
09:00 amto10:45 am

#1 19th May Creating Solid Foundations
#2 2nd June Building Strength & Vitality
#3 21st July Igniting your power house
#4 4th Aug Holding up under pressure
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Full Description

#1 Sat 19th May 9:00 – 10:45 Creating Solid Foundations

#2 Sat 2nd June 9:00 – 10:45 Building Strength and Vitality

#3 Sat 21st July 9:00 – 10:45 Igniting your power house

#4 Sat 4th Aug 9:00 – 10:45 Holding up Under Pressure

> How have you been practicing yoga to date?

> Do you get to a weekly class or maybe you have time to squeeze in a couple of classes a week?

> Do you wish that you could get to a class weekly?

> Would you like to take your yoga to another level?

Yoga helps to teach us about the energy that flows through our body, or how it can get stuck. This lack of energy flow or stuckness is reflected somewhere in our body, our soma, and through our bodies they are constantly reflecting our deeper inner world. How we create transformation is by deep listening to what our body is telling us.

Working with Alignment, Somatics and Yoga therapy, these workshops build up so you can create an individualistic set of practices that you can take away and practice for yourself that can lead to better physical and emotional well-being, increasing your own awareness, and improving your alignment when practicing asanas. Now who doesn’t want that?

Workshop 1: Creating Solid Foundations
Having solid foundations is important to anything that you build and that includes your body or Soma. A weak foundation means your yogic practice can suffer and crumble, maybe your emotional well-being is also affected and you are not able to cope. This workshop will explore how you can create the foundations for your practice that create solidity and stability, yet with lightness, in such asanas as Downward facing dog, Trikonasana and Warrior.

Workshop 2: Building Strength and vitality
Feeling strong and full of energy is to feel engaged with life. Being able to stand up for yourself, to stay true and in alignment with your values, by consciously recognizing and moving beyond the ego. In this workshop we will play and dance with alignment and strength and the interplay between the two that helps us to show up firmly with integrity in life. This benefits asanas such as Warrior, Parsokanasa, Utkatasana and balancing poses.

Workshop 3: Igniting your power house
Our core is where we get our stability, our will-power and our creativity. This workshop will focus on strengthening your core and the relationship to your ability to reach out. It will help you appreciate where you are at now, and that you can extend your current boundaries by building up your core to move forward with purposefulness in the world. It will help make asanas like Navasana (boat pose), Chaturanga and Plank pose much easier.

Workshop 4: Holding up Under Pressure
We carry a lot of weight on our shoulders and they express our ability to effortlessly support life’s ups and downs. Developing shoulders that are supple, strong and balanced that can express your confidence and feelings of being in control are invaluable. This workshop will help you increase the mobility and strength in your shoulders so those inverted postures become easier.

* Pre-registration: Each mini workshop 40 Fr. (25 for students), members free, abos with upgrade
* Drop in price 45Fr.
* All 4 workshops 125 Fr. (85 for students) members free, abos with upgrade

To ask any questions please feel free to contact Dawn

Places for this workshop are limited, so Registration is recommended. Please register for this workshop with Dawn:

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