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Yoga Step by Step (Yoga philosophy and Prannayama)

Yoga Philosophy, pranayama, visualization
Yoga Step by Step certified course by YogaMahaRishi Dr Swami Gitananda led by Korina Kontaxaki (Yogachemmal/Yogacharini Anandhi)


YogaLife Holistic Yoga Centre
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Nicodemou Milona & Gr. Afxentiou Ave., Larnaca CY 6021

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Dec 16
10:00 amto12:00 pm

Yoga Philosophy, pranayama, visualization
certified course by YogaMahaRishi Dr Swami Gitananda led by Korina Kontaxaki (Yogachemmal/Yogacharini Anandhi)


20 €

Full Description

The first part of Wholistic Spiritual Training is based on the system "Yoga Step by Step" by our Guru Swami Gitananda (). It is a methodical path to the philosophy and practice of Yoga, with the aim of strengthening the energy-body and mind. The training lasts 11 months.

Ideal for:
1. Yoga instructors, alternative trainers and therapists who want to explore the spiritual side of yoga.
2. Those who want to deepen and consolidate their spiritual practice.
3. Those who want to gain a clearer understanding of the soul and the mind.

We will be initiated into the following:
Prana: Life, energy
Yogic life: Yogic diet, personal hygiene with natural homemade products.
The laws of karma
Ego and the survival instinct
Klesha: the Side effects of the ego
Ego and soul
Divine instincts
Jhana Yoga Kriyas: visualizations for changing negative programming
Types of Yoga
Pancha kosha: The five bodies of human existence and their alignment
Yama/Niyama: The yogic discipline codes for cleansing and preventing the creation of further karmic reactions.
Raja yoga: the path of Self-realization
Surya Namaskar – how the sun contributes to our lives
Chakra - Energy centres
The psychological terms of yoga
Swara Yoga - Balancing opposites

Practical information
Our meetings are every second Sunday from 10.30am-1.30pm where we will analyze a theory and practice pranayama and visualization techniques. Practices are voice recorded and sent to the group, for daily home practice.
Price: A one-off registration fee*, plus €30 per month for the two 3-hour meetings, or €20 per meeting.

*REGISTRATION FEE: There are two options for registration, depending on the commitment you wish to make. An official registration with our teacher’s school in India () costs €150, and includes an official certificate from the ashram at the end of the course. Alternatively, a €50 registration (once again this money will be donated to the ashram), will include a Wholistic Spiritual Training first year course certificate.

Additional details:

The bi-monthly sessions are open throughout the season for non-registered guests or new members (who can complete the course the following season). The session fee of €20 will apply, but no certificate will be awarded.

Subject to demand, online course attendance can also be arranged.

About the teacher:
Korina Kontaxaki (Yogachemmal/Yogacharini Anandhi)
Korina lives in Cyprus and teaches yoga, philosophy, meditation, activated vegan diet and theater.
She is trained in 2008 as a Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga Teacher at Ananda Ashram, India (ICYER-International Center of Yoga Education and Research).
In 2014 she returned to India, as part of her one Year advanced Yoga teachers diploma to work as an assistant Acharya to her Gurus Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani and Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, for the 46th International 6-month Yoga Teacher Training.
Since then she is a senior teacher for the International Teacher training course at ICYER.

Since 2008, she has been offering classes at YogaLife Wholistic Yoga Center, a place devoted to Yoga and Meditation, which emphasizes how Yoga can be part of our lives.

She leads yoga philosophy and yoga psychology groups through the certified course “Wholistic Spiritual training”.

She is a co-founder of Solar Kitchen Bar in Larnaca, where she promotes activated vegan diet with seminars and vegan dishes that are offered daily!

Her book on wholistic Spiritual Training "Yogic Life" published by ΔΙΟΝ publications, is available in Greek, in all bookstores in Greece and Cyprus.

She works under the advice and instruction of her Guru- teachers, Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani and Dr Ananda Bhavanani who are very much respected all over the world for their knowledge and experience in Yoga. Every year she returns to India for further training and development.

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