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YOGA TEACHER TRAINING and In Depth Yoga Studies

200 Hour In-Depth Yoga Studies & Basic Teacher Certification

In-Depth Yoga Study and Basic Teacher Certification
Cloud Nine Yoga is a 200/300 Yoga Alliance Registered School since 2002.

We have been training yoga teachers and offering certification courses since 1999.


Sep 10 to
Dec 17
06:30 amto09:30 am

We meet every Monday from 6:30-9:30 and almost every other Sunday from noon to 5.
200 Hour In-Depth Yoga Studies & Basic Teacher Certification
In-Depth Yoga Study and Basic Teacher Certification



Full Description

Our school prides itself in being a community-based, non-dogmatic Yoga Education entity with a history of facilitating the awakening of many hearts and teaching freedom of mind and body. Each training group works together to promote and inspire growth, healing and transformation for each individual participant. Our teachers consistently enjoy giving encouraging, one-on-one consultations during the course of our program to keep each person evolving toward the best they can be. Our playfulness, gentle guidance and spiritually-focused approach provide a welcome and loving atmosphere for all ages and levels of students. See the SCHOOLS PAGE to find a Cloud Nine Yoga location near you!

200 Level Program Breakdown:
180 Contact Hours + 20 Non-Contact Hours
Asana Intensive Classes: 45 – 60 contact hours
Weekday Lecture Meetings: 45 – 60 contact hours
Internship: 20 – 30 contact hours
In-Class Asana Practice: 45 – 60 contact hours
Retreat: 30 – 60 contact hours
Homework, Seva, & Research: 20 – 80 non-contact hours

Subjects Covered:
Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Teaching Methodology and Practice, Sequencing, Yoga History & Philosophy, Yogic Living/Nutrition, Ethical Guidelines, Sanskrit, Asana Benefits & Contraindications, Cuing, Vocal & Hands-on Adjustments, Partner Work, Thai Yoga Massage, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Dieties & Avatars, Understanding the Importance of the Guru, The Schools of Yoga, Chakras & Psychology of Yoga, Mudra & Mantra, Bandhas & Kriyas, Ayurveda, Professional Info for the Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Seniors & Motion Restriction (Chair Yoga), Intro to Pre Natal Yoga, Yoga for Kids, The Seven Moving Principles AND all the Asana Breakdowns for teaching all levels of students (Sun Salutations, Forward Bends, Back Bends, Inversions, Core Strengthening, Balancing & Standing Postures, Hip & Heart Openers).