Yoga Therapist certification: PranaYoga Cikitsa Training

In this 1370-hour PranaYoga Cikitsa Training, you will gain the tools to be able to apply yoga therapeutically in many different applications to facilitate people transforming their life. Additionally, you will deepen your own personal yoga connection and practice. Has prerequisites, contact us if you are interested. APDs for C-IAYTs too.


Aug 6
11:30 amto15:30 pm

1370 hour certification program. 4 modules each of 300 hours, meets weekly and one full weekend monthly. Approx. end date Jun 2026. Prerequisites are necessary including Deepening Practices course.



Full Description

PranaYoga Cikitsa: The Therapeutic Application of Yoga
Throughout the training, you will:
* Increase your knowledge about human anatomy from the western anatomical perspective, in addition to the Eastern philosophy, gaining an expanded understanding of anatomical movement and the chakra-s, kosha-s, vayus.
* Discover Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, and how to custom tailor therapeutic yoga routines based on ayurvedic principles.
* Learn adaptations for yogasana (postures) for various concerns such as back problems, joint dysfunction, tight muscles, fibryomyalgia, depression and other considerations.
* Gain tools to help support the emotional, social, and spiritual development of each individual.
* Study the foundations of yoga cikitsa as outlined in classical yoga texts.