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Yoga Therapy Training

Join with Stefani, our director of teacher training, for a specialized training in Yoga Therapy. Offered over the course of 5 days, students have the opportunity to receive a stand alone certificate in Yoga Therapy while earning course hours toward MYI's 500 hour Registered Teacher Training. Key components of this training are tools for working with clients in a one on one setting. This training will empower you to work with your clients from an intuitive and body centered place.


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568 Christina St. N. Suite D, Sarnia ON, CA N7S 3G8
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Jul 25 to
Jul 29
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Dates - July 25 - 29, 2014
Location - at the offices of Dr. Virginia South, Psychologist, RYT200 and Carrie Wood E-RYT-200, Integrative Yoga and Healing Therapies at 568 Christina St. N., Suite D
Daily Schedule - 7am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm



Cost of the five day training is $850 plus HST. A detailed course manual is provided and is included in the tuition. A certificate is provided upon request and provides a certification in yoga therapy applications and 50 CECs. This is a Yoga Alliance Approved teacher training. You may apply these course hours toward our 500 Hour Registered Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy.

Full Description

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga therapy sessions help you to recognize where you are holding tension in your body and how to let it go. Tension can arise in the form of aching muscles but it can also be held in locked breathing patterns and ways that we neurologically respond to circumstances we encounter such as stress or trauma. Whether in a group or private setting you are assisted in finding your place of ease in both your body and mind through discussion, breath work and postures that are specifically chosen for your individual needs.
Course Overview:
This Yoga Therapy Certification course is one of the key modules in MYI’s 500 Hour Registered Teacher Training in Therapeutic Yoga. It addresses the following questions. Who is this person in front of me, right now in this moment? What are the THREE key things they want and need to address? This course focuses on the Manomaya and Pranamaya koshas primarily, so on the emotional and energetic facets of the person. Because physicality is often affected by the emotional and energetic fluctuations of the individual, it is often here at these koshas that we first begin our inquiry. Additionally, we cannot play with these layers of the person without also acknowledging the Vijnanamaya (mental aspect/fluctuation of thoughts) and Anandamaya (who your client TRULY is, what drives them and makes them thrive as an individual, their potential, their hopes and their dreams) koshas. For this reason, we explore these facets as well in terms of how they correlate with the emotional body. (The other three koshas are covered in great depth during the Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Module and the Philosophy modules.)
“Relationship is only relationship when I respect you by acknowledging that you are not who you were yesterday or the day before. This is because I can only RELATE with you when I allow you to be who you are right now, in this moment. Only then can we say that we are engaged in RELATIONSHIP.”
Course Objectives:

Experience Yoga Therapy's benefits on a personal level
Deepen your personal practice
Cultivate new teaching skills that can be melded into current practice as well as provide a new avenue and platform for the teaching of yoga privately
Develop lasting relationships and enjoy the power of Sangha (Community)


Chakras, Meridians & Marma Therapy
Restorative Yoga as Therapy
Pranayama Therapy - Assessing the Vayus and implementing appropriate breath work
Ayurveda as Therapy - Dosha Assessment and Therapeutic Applications
Embodiment Therapy - Deepening hands on skills in client led movement
The art of teaching a private session and how it differs from teaching a group class
Advanced Sequencing Skills for creating effective yoga sessions for your clients utilizing the Ayurvedic Five Element Theory and Yoga Therapy Techniques