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Yoga Training * 200HR Teacher Certification Program

200-Hour Holistic Yoga Training
Holistic + Yoga Alliance Certified
Exceptional Curriculum. Monthly Modules. Deepen Your Practice.


30 South Elm Street, Zionsville IN, US 46077

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training


Mar 4 to
Nov 13
00:00 amto00:00 am

9 months, 10 modules, March to November

Friday 5pm-8:30pm / Saturday 11am-6:30pm / Sunday 9am-4pm



$3200, Certified 200-Hour Teacher Training, nonrefundable

$2700, Audit, books included, nonrefundable
Payment Plans Available: personalized contract agreed upon by trainee + BLY
BOOKS + MATERIALS all included in the fee, specific titles available upon request

Full Description

Become illuminated to the vast world yoga has been and is becoming. Though a linear lens, learn of Yoga's birth in the East and of its expansion in the West though visuals, music, communion, and acquaintance with master teachers. This approach cultivates experiential exploration and integration of philosophical texts, in-depth asana (pose) study, and mind-breath-body energetics, all within the context of a historical timeline in a manner that is accessible, breaks down jargon, and caters to all learning styles.

9 months, 10 modules, dates listed below
*study of asana (poses), anatomy, breathing + meditation techniques, relevant historical study
*includes art projects, small-group sessions, music, journaling, field trip, community support
*deepens your personal practice + lens on how to view + experience your inner + outer world
*will provide your 200-hour teaching certification OR allow you to audit the course material at your will
*shares the Tradition so you may be a well-informed student +/or yoga teacher
*cultivates + refines your mind, body, + spirit though depth + breadth of yogic understandings
*will explore comfort zones
*inspires you to serve life with love

STUDIES INCLUDE (...moving beyond the jargon + recognizing ancient wisdom's in everyday modern life)
Asana + Pranayama: Learn a foundational yoga class + breath techniques to focus, calm, + purify
Meditation: Techniques, Yoga Nidra, Vision Board, Prayer Stick
Styles of Yoga: Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, SUP
Therapies: Trama + Yoga, Esoteric Dance + Healing, Music, Thai Yoga Massage, Healing Touch
Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology: Adjustments + Safe Touch
Lifestyle + the 'Business' of Yoga: Centered Life, sharing your voice with the world
Foundational Yoga Sequence: Memorize a sequence + find your own teaching style
Pre-Vedic + Vedic Civilization: Vedic texts, Mantras, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Conscious Food
Samkhya Philosophy: Gunas, Prakrti, Purusha
Upanishadic Era: Atman, Brahman, Koshas, Om/AUM, Five Pranic Movements
Deities: faces of Source, faces of Self, Mythologies within Asanas
Bhakti Yoga: Bhagavad Gita, Kirtan, Jivamukti, Branches of Yoga, Hero's Journey
Buddhism: Four Noble Truths, Eight-fold Path
Classical Yoga: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Kleshas, Eight-limbed Path
Tantric Era: Shiva, Shakti, Chakras, Nadis, Kundalini
Hatha Yoga Era: Mudras, Bandhas
Modern Yoga in the West: Key Contributors