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Yoga TTC - Teacher Training Course

The Yoga TTC is aimed at people who already have at least two years of experience in yoga or disciplines such as dance, martial arts, art gymnastics, pilates.


Vico delle Vele, 2r, Genova GE, IT 16123

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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Nov 22 to
Jun 15
2018 - 2019
09:30 amto17:30 pm


1,000 €

Full Description

Course structure: The course is structured in three annual modules; for each grade are planned 11 meetings, one of which is devoted to the examination. The first grade meetings will take place on Saturdays. The lessons will take place from 9.30 to 17.30, with an hour of pause. A day of absence for each grade is allowed in order to be admitted to the following grade of Training.

Course location: The TTC will take place in Arenzano (Genova) – ITALY.
Teacher: Francesca Santagata Mangala Ishta Deva.


Yoga: the Union; Abhyāsa: study and practice of Yoga
Chitta Vṛtti Nirodha: to cancel the changes of the mind.
Pramāṇa: the ideal; Viparyaya: the wrong point of view; Vipalka: imagination and
fantasy; Nidrā: state of absence, dormant state.
Smṛti: memory - the 5 causes; Kleśa: pains and sorrows; Chitta Vikṣepa: distractions and
Śiṣya and Guru: the Student and the Master; Sādhanā and Abhyāsa: constant practice.
Aṣṭāṅga Yoga, the eight stages of Yoga: Yāma (ethical rules); Niyāma (purification and
study); Āsanas (postures); Prāṇāyāma (breath control).
Yāma and Niyāma, discipline as an ethical form; the rules of conduct to be applied in
individual discipline: Ahiṃsā, compassion towards all living creatures, nonviolence;
Satya, the pursuit of truth; Asteya, honesty; Brahmacharya, purity of thought and action,
celibacy and retreat of the senses; Aparragha, simplicity and frugality; Śauca, purity of
the body.
Elements of Anatomy and Physiology.

Introduction to the Mantrā.
Sūkṣmā Vyāyāma: preparation for Āsanas.
Āsana: standing postures, forward bendings, sitting postures.
Prāṇāyāma: breath control.