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Yoga Weekend Workshop Series Featuring Jason Lobo

Guided by Jason, we will be taken on an insightful journey through the key bio-mechanical actions to improve our stability, mobility, alignment, and depth/range of motion in the 4 primary asana families. Be prepared to take your yoga practice to the next level!



2001 Coit Road, Plano TX, US 75075

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  • Workshop

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Feb 5 to
Feb 7
18:00 pmto13:00 pm

Sessions can be attended individually at $40 each and are as follows:
Standing Poses - Fri 2/5/2016 From: 6-8pm
Backbends - Sat 2/6/2016 From: 1-4pm
Inversion and Arm Balances - Sat 2/6/2016 From: 6-8:30 pm
Hips, Forward Fold, & Twists - Sun 2/7/2016 From: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm



$40 per session or purchase 4-part workshop series at $150.

Full Description

Standing Poses - Fri Date: 2/5/2016 From: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Get ready to feel the confidence and power that standing poses imbue us with as practitioners in this session. Here you will gain insight and a working knowledge of the actions required to perform the majority of other poses.

Standing poses are the most fundamental class of poses. They must be mastered before asanas requiring greater degrees of complexity can be performed without risk of injury and with beauty and intelligence. Join us in this session as we rediscover the beauty, strength and stability of standing poses.

Backbends - Sat Date: 2/6/2016 From: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

In this session, Jason shares his knowledge and personal experience to guide us through a journey of trusting our own power while using our courage and adventurous spirit to uncover the benefits of these asanas.

Backbends are very stimulating, and can bring not only an increase in energy and improved respiration, but can help to release old emotional wounds stored energetically in the space of the heart. Backbends performed effectively require not only impeccable alignment, but that the shoulders, lower back, pelvic floor, and front groins be opened up. Practice backbends to strengthen, empower, and alleviate dullness of mind and heaviness of heart.

Inversion and Arm Balances - Sat Date: 2/6/2016 From: 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Inversions and arm balancing poses are powerful in their effects on the general functioning of the body because they regulate and optimize the pulsation of internal organs and glands. By inverting the body and using gravity, the legs and lower body get some fluid drainage, while the glands in the head and upper torso swell with fresh blood.

After coming out of an inversion, circulation returns to its normal pattern but with new vitality! Build or fine tune your inversion and arm balancing practice in this session.

Hips, Forward Fold, & Twists -Sun Date: 2/7/2016 From: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

In this power packed session, Jason takes us on an insightful journey of hips, forward folds and twists. We will be guided through key bio-mechanical actions to improve our hip mobility; the alignment focus of forward bends; and through twists emphasizing their effects before and after forward/back bends.

-Greater hip mobility improves blood circulation to the pelvic bones, lumbar vertebrae, spinal disks, intestines, reproductive glands and organs.

-Forward Bends are thought to be more cooling and introspective poses. However, if your hamstrings and low back are tight, they can actually be heating and even agonizing. Learn how to unlock these poses with Jason as he teaches us to move into them in a way that accesses easefulness and grace!

-Twists are cooling and soothing poses after backbends, and awakening poses after some forward bends or restorative poses. Twists also help to bring balance to the nervous and glandular systems. Here we will learn what and how to stabilize in order to access our full potential in twists. Sign Up Now! 22LqWno