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Yoga with Olya. Meet the Goddess Saraswati that lives within you.

Come and learn how to get connected to Your Intuition and the Source of Inspiration and Creativity on the level that you have never known before.

Come and learn to get connected to the forces that are hidden inside of YOU!

Come and learn the Legend about Creation of the World in Hinduism.

Come and meet the Saraswati that lives within each one of us as the power of speech.

Come and learn how to always recognize the Truth.


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6112 South 1550 East, South Ogden UT, US 84405

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Oct 17
12:00 pmto15:00 pm



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The series of my workshops about Goddesses are made for women to reclaim our sacred feminine powers. Reclaim our glory. Heal our wounds. Learn how to own back our strength and beauty.

"A powerful tool for the reclamation of our glorious feminine identity is the worship of female gods. For far too long, we have forgotten we are cosmic royals. Our mothers forgot, their mothers forgot, and their mothers before them. We regret their tears, we mourn their sadness. But now, at last, we break the chain. " says Marianne Williamson, an amazing woman and author #1 Bestseller A woman's worth.

During the workshop we will be learning about the particular goddess, a legend about her, mantras, mudras, meditation. We will learn the goddess personality and we will learn how to recognize the goddess in yourself, others and in nature. We will feel her presence of Shakti during the whole workshop inside of hearts, minds and bodies. We will envoke the goddess inside. 75 min Vinyasa Flow. You will be given written exercise and homework after. Lunch is included in the price.

Every goddess is powerful in her unique way.

About Saraswati:

No other animal on Earth was given such a gift of speech. Speech is a spiritual gift. Saraswati Shakti will often show up as moments of sudden understanding as well as action. When words flow easily, when ideas come up out of nowhere, when you say something so powerful and profound that it surprises even you, you are experiencing Saraswati.

Saraswati’s name means “the flowing one.” She is the flash of insight, the instinctual knowing, and the knowledge that’s deeper than words. She is the connection with the cycles of the moon and the feminine rhythm that reveals wisdom from within. Saraswati
is the free-flowing creative energy that lives within everyone.

Come and meet the Saraswati that lives within each one of us as the power of speech.

Come and learn how to always recognize the Truth.