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YogaFit Teacher Training

Harmony in Life will be hosting 2 YogaFit trainings this summer and fall: Yoga Kids in July and Anatomy in September. Both trainings may be taken separately or as part of the 200-hour teacher training.


Harmony in Life Center
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5747 Main Street, Sylvania OH, US 43560
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Jul 18 to
Jul 20
01:00 amto11:00 am

YogaFit Teacher Trainings available at Harmony in Life in Sylvania: Yoga Kids training on Friday, July 18, from 8am-6pm, and Anatomy on Saturday and Sunday, July 19-20. Yoga Props on Friday, September 19, and Level 1 on Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21. All trainings run from 8am-6pm. See YogaFit's website for complete descriptions of the trainings.



$299 for "early bird special" for 1-day trainings, including Yoga Kids and Yoga Props ($329 after registration deadline). $399 for "early bird special" for 2-day classes, including Anatomy and Level 1 ($429 after registration deadline).

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Yoga Kids: We are all born natural yogis. The younger we are, the more pliable and flexible our muscles and joints are. YogaFit Kids. Encourages kids, teens and parents, to explore their natural abilities in an active, safe, and fun way that honors the diversity of each students’ flexibility and strength. YogaFit Kids is a fun, playful class where kids can move energy through their bodies and bring calm into their minds. YogaFit Kids is excellent for:

Promoting physical development and a positive attitude toward physical activity.
Building self-esteem, focus, and concentration.
Improving strength, flexibility, body awareness, and neuromuscular coordination.
Complementing other sports training by helping to prevent injury and improve coordination.
Helping to find balance in busy and active lives, relieving overall stress, and helping to develop poise and confidence.
Helping teens and adolescents to develop a healthy relationship with their changing bodies and a positive image of themselves
Creating a totally positive, supportive and non-competitive environment where we use cooperative learning activities to build trust.

YogaFit Kids is a great activity for ALL children - everyone can be successful in YogaFit Kids. Yoga is inclusive and allows children to participate at their own level. Yoga improves self-esteem for all children. Children with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), hyperactivity, autism, and Down's syndrome have found great success through the practice of yoga.
YogaFit Kids Teacher Training is a user-friendly program for anyone wanting to teach children yoga. We will teach you to instruct children and teens in basic poses and mindful movement, breathing activities, share circles, laughter yoga, partner yoga, and many other cooperative learning games and activities. These activities develop character, creativity, and positive social interaction, emotional balance/intelligence/awareness, and bodily/kinesthetic intelligence/awareness.

Anatomy: In this interactive two-day workshop you will learn the musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics necessary to safely and effectively teach hatha yoga alignment based on the foundational principles of YogaFit's Seven Principles of Alignment (SPA). In this workshop, we look at SPA and beyond to explore detailed musculoskeletal and biomechanical principles applied specifically to hatha yoga postures that will help you to become a safer and more effective teacher.

Yoga Props: This training will help you to see each yoga student as they are on given day and will help you to encourage stillness and self-reflection. In this training, we teach the benefits and principles of incorporating props into yoga poses: their set-up, their benefits, the use of minimal or maximal props situations. We teach use of ambience, music, voice, and touch; how to adjust for safety & alignment of the body in poses using props. This gentle approach to practice allows participants to experience the same benefits of traditional practice while exerting little or no effort at all and leaves students feeling nourished, refreshed and well rested. This training includes an introduction to Restorative Yoga, and facilitates the four conditions for relaxation: relaxing the muscles with support, soothing the responses caused by stress, calming the mind and finding a relaxed smooth breath. Restorative Yoga encourages students to become aware of the sensations and feelings of breathing and provides a chance to experience breath without muscular effort that brings about opening, healing, and a calm state of mind.

Level 1: This informative workshop gives instructors the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes that are founded on flow yet grounded in the safety of exercise science. The learning includes physical execution, transitions, and modifications to traditional yoga poses with an emphasis on effectiveness and safety. Dynamic vinyasa sequencing, flowing class formats, and transformative language for communicating the mind/body connection have made this the most popular vinyasa yoga style in the world today. While most attendees have experience as either yoga students, teachers, therapists, or as fitness professionals, there are no prerequisites, only the desire to learn and commitment to attend. Level 1 includes an innovative and experiential learning environment guided by a talented and experienced YogaFit Master Trainer, a YogaFit Level 1 DVD and Active Volume 3 CD (first-time participants only), and a comprehensive training manual.

YogaFit has trained thousands of people worldwide. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion which qualifies one to teach YogaFit style classes once Community Service is complete. Participants in the YogaFit Community Service program have taught to seniors, children, teens at risk, cancer survivors, HIV patients, handicapped persons, incarcerated individuals and stressed out corporate executives.