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Yogalife Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

You are invited to join Sanjeev Bhanot in Goa, India to discover in depth the unique techniques of Antastha yoga, Yoga Malish and the meditative power of blind-folded yoga. The course will also explore the mind-body connection as it relates to yoga and deep aspects of yoga philosophy.



Dunes Resort1466671
Junos Vaddo,Mandrem Beach, Mandrem Goa, IN 403527
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  • Teacher Training

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Oct 11 to
Oct 21
08:15 amto21:15 pm



2350USD early bird price before July 31st

Full Description

The Course will include:

Advanced understanding of Hands-on adjustments training
In depth study of the Mandukya Upanishad and the Yoga Sutras
Consciousness and Yoga Anatomy
Initiation into Antastha Yoga

Antastha Hands-on Adjustments

Antastha Yoga hands-on adjustments are unique in their approach to yoga asana adjustments. By triggering natural, beneficial reflexes in the muscles, when you give adjustments you are 'telling' the muscle to let go.

Not only does every posture have its perfect alignment, but every person has their perfect alignment within each posture. During the hands-on training, you will learn to 'read' the body to understand its unique needs and how it will best react to the different types of adjustments.

Mandukya Upanishads

The shortest of the Upanishads, yet one of the most important concerning deep spiritual knowledge and self-understanding. The Mandukya Upanishad gives the yoga anatomy of consciousness which can change how you look at yourself and life. Knowledge of the four levels of consciousness gives yoga teachers a new ability to guide students in meditation and the journey in consciousness.

Consciousness and Yoga Anatomy

We all have experience with clients and ourselves about how the mind affects the body, both positively and negatively as stress can create tension and blockages. Learn about the mechanism of how yoga reverses this process in both ways, mind-body and body-mind. This study goes into the details of the subtle and physical anatomy in connection within yoga.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Patanjali has shown us a path to enlightnement through yoga revealing important truths which are only accessible with a deeper understanding and profound sadhana. Antastha yoga practice can be a key to access this understanding:
a new understanding of Yama and Niyama
advanced asanas and advanced techniques for teaching and correcting the asanas
advanced Pranayama and the teaching of Pranayama
withdrawal of the senses: Pratyahara, and self-study: Svadhyaya to reach inner depth
Antastha yoga brings the tools to bring your inner focus: Dharana, to a meditative level: Dhyana

Antastha Initiation

Sanjeev will guide you in the concepts of Antastha Yoga, an approach that perceives the human being in its integrity and then guides you deep within. Antastha, which means "the deepest" , combines a modern understanding of the many dimensions of the human being with traditional, ancient yogic wisdom that empowers integrating the body, mind and soul.

Course Information:

Date: 11th -21st October, 2015

Location: Dunes Resort, Goa, India

Price: 2250 euro, including course fee and accommodation.
Early bird price: 2100 euro (before July 31st)

For information about Goa, see the Goa orientation page.

Please apply here: Application form and send a copy of your YA 200hr certificate or equivalent to