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Yogic Living and Cleansing in a Western World

Are you a yoga teacher or student having a hard time finding the sustainable balance between yogic lifestyle and western living? You like the idea of eating well but still enjoy a glass of cheer and piece of cake on occasion? This course will empowers creative thinkers and leaders in this community, forcing us to re-evaluate our relationship with food and our practice. Yoga teachers will be given new tools to expand their own practice through hatha, yin and yang styles of yoga.


1523 11 ave SW, Calgary AB, CA T3C 0N1
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Aug 22 to
Aug 24
15:45 pmto15:45 pm

This 50 hr yoga course runs over 2 weekend intensives that are held 6 weeks apart.

The first weekend is a Yoga Retreat in the Kootenay Mountains August 22-24th
The second weekend will be offered in a Calgary Yoga Studio October 3-5th.

Students are welcome to sign up for either weekend, but there is greater value in registering for both.



Cost of both weekends is $700 + accommodations/meals at the Cross River Wilderness Retreat Centre.
Teepee: starts $275 for 2 nights
Heritage Cabin: start $325 for 2 nights

Full Description

Sivananda Yoga:
Establish a stronger foundation in your practice as will investigate the intention behind the unique sequencing of pranayama, meditation and the 12 traditional asanas of this practice. In addition to studying the traditional practice, we will explore optional variations within the practice to keep the experienced Sivananda yogi on their toes, while offering inspiration for the newer practitioner to work towards.

Yin Yoga:
Explore the philosophy and physical practice of yin yoga as taught by Bernie Clark. This course will give yoga teachers the tools they need to effectively guide a yin or yang/yin yoga class. We will explore the difference between yin and yang tissues, postures and how to use this practice to enhance your cleansing experiences and increase flow of energy to the lower digestive meridians.

Cleanse a Little:
Detoxing Demystified-Explore the pros and cons of different cleansing programs from fasting, to yogic kriyas, to using medicinal herbs and whole foods. Learn different cleansing techniques for the physical and spiritual body using yogic postures, breathing exercises. Participants will experience a traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony during the retreat portion of the course.

Build a Little:
The 28 Day Mind Body - Jenelle guides groups through this 28 Day lifestyle program each spring and fall. It was initially designed to inspire and empower people to be the change they want to see in this world and within themselves. Students who participate in this program will gain further insight into the nutritional component of the program and will be empowered to lead their own groups and students on a 28 day wellness journey, thus providing teachers with an additional revenue income stream to support their career path.

Nutrition Fundamentals: Healthy balance. Proper hydration, 80:20 balanced eating, hormonally balanced eating, various diets and choosing the right path for you.

Nutrition Symptomology: Learn about the 10 main systems of the body (digestive, intestinal, cardiovascular etc.). We will discuss what nutritionally each system needs to work optimally and the symptoms that present themselves when something is out of balance or deficient.
Using the “Nutri-System Profilling” system learn how to decode the symptoms the body is dealing with and determine the best route of action towards achieving better health.
Expand on Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas as we unite the above practices and principles into a sustainable and realistic lifestyle. One that’s not too esoteric…not too conservative…but just right for you!
(The information above describes what they gain out of doing both weekend intensives.)

Weekend 1 - Kootenay Yoga Retreat
August 22-24 (optional 3rd night)

We kick off this module with a weekend of connecting in the beautiful Kootenay mountains, just 3 hours from Calgary. The Cross River Wilderness Centre will host our group in their off the grid oasis, providing us with the opportunity to deepen the connections to our selves, yoga and meditation practice without the distraction of cell phones, computers and high frequency city living. Participants can sleep in a traditional Teepee or Heritage Cabin. We will also be joined with an elder for part of the weekend and guided safely through a traditional sweat lodge ceremony on the morning of Sunday August 24.

This weekend is all about discovering the current imbalances within our minds and physical bodies while learning how to establish a better foundation for healthy balanced living.

Nutritionally participants will use the Nutri-System profile to decipher different symptoms the body experiences and what that’s trying to tell us, in addition to various nutritional practices such as incorporating super foods, whole foods, fermentation to enhance our well being.
As yoga practitioners, we create a balanced yoga practice…over the course of a day, week, month and year!

We will explore Sivananda Style Yoga and balance that with various Yang and Yin instruction, giving participants a solid foundation and better understanding on how to balance their practices and lead a proper yin yoga class.

All participants of this weekend will automatically be registered in THE 28 DAY MIND BODY program that starts on August 25th. Just a simple way to keep little doses of the weekend in your mind as we ease back into regular living. Visit for more details on that program.

Course Fee: $450

Rates for Accommodation/Meals:
Shared Teepee: 2 nights for $275 (optional 3rd night $125)
Shared Heritage Cabin: 2 nights for $325 (optional 3rd night $150)
**********************************************************************************************************************Weekend 2 - Calgary Cleansing Intensive
October 4 & 5th

This weekend intensive takes place on the last few days of the Vidasana Living Cleanse, giving participants the opportunity to connect with each other at the end of their transformational journey. We will explore various cleansing techniques, foods and medicinal herbs. Daily yoga practices will have a strong emphasis on postures and sequencing that facilitate deeper detoxification of the body. This includes an exploration of the energy meridians in the body and how Yin Yoga can be used to target these meridians.

Course Fee: $350
The 6 WEEK VIDASANA LIVING EXPERIENCE will take place during the time in-between the 2 weekends. This include the 28 Day Mind Body and 15 Day Vidasana Living Cleanse. Special rates are offered for participants. If you are taking this course for 15 CEU with NHCP or to put towards a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at Yoga Therapy and Bodyworks, this is a mandatory addition to the program.