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Yogic Soundscape Retreat

Yogic Soundscape Retreats comes to Ibiza! Using the healing sound vibrations of the Hang Drum and Indian Violin together with Yoga and Meditation, we create a rich soundtrack to guide you on an inner journey to stillness, reuniting you with forgotten places of peace far beyond the mind.


Diseminado Port S Vicent, 37, Cala San Vincente Sant Joan de Labritja, ES 07811

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Aug 20 to
Aug 27
14:00 pmto10:00 am



Prices start from £725 based on 2 people sharing.
Different rooms and bell tent accommodation options available

Full Description

Our days will be spent with the perfect balance of yoga, meditations and music; enjoying deliciously conscious, healthy, fresh food; and with plenty of free time to relax by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and nature.

• Vinyasa, Slow-Flow and Yin Yoga classes will be led by Siân – enjoy the mindful fluidity of vinyasa whilst cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness and conscious breath within each held asana.
• Jo will lead her signature flow style yoga sessions - JoGa Beats - soundtracked by Ibiza style relaxed beats or live music, which comprise a mixture of her three passions – yoga , music and dance – as she works an exploration of breath, beats and range of movement.

• Meditation in Movement Concert by James and Julien
During this deeply meditative and rejuvenating concert experience, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation as you allow the healing vibrations of the Hang Drum and Indian Violin to gently wash over your body, mind and spirit, creating a sense of balance and peace within.

These physical sound vibrations provide an extraordinarily harmonizing and powerful vehicle for meditation and transformation that is primarily experiential in nature. James's Hang Drum playing combined with Julien’s Carnatic Indian Violin provide psycho-acoustic gateways to heightened states of awareness and consciousness, creating a therapeutic wave of sound merged with frequencies of organic electronics to further deepen and enhance the journey experience.

For this inner and outer journey you are invited to sit or lie on the floor, to let go, do nothing, become mindful and be nurtured into a meditative state relaxing the body, mind, and nervous system leaving you stress free and refreshed. You may even develop insights and answers, engage in deep contemplations, or simply remain fluid and allow the waves of sound to carry you on a

• Silent Sunrise Meditation Walks led by Jo will take in the serenity of the Saint Vincente mountains at dawn, as nature springs to life in full sonic surround sound.

• Ecstatic Shaking Meditations guided by Siân – reconnect to your inner peace and innate happiness with this playful, powerful mix of shaking, freestyle dancing and savasana sound meditation. Shake out all of your inhibitions, negative emotions and blockages to loud, tribal beats with this fun meditation that is energising, releasing and liberating – ended with a grounding yet dreamy savasana.

• Raw Cacao Ceremony with Star Gazing to live music
A recognized ‘heart-opener’, high quality, ceremonial-grade raw cacao beans contain mood-enhancing neurochemicals that increase blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin; nourishing the whole body; heightening awareness and focus; and intensifying sensations.

We will drink Cacao in ceremony under the starry night sky on the beautiful, magical island of Ibiza and soundtracked by the therapeutic, healing tones of the Hang Drum and Violin – holding you in a safe and nurturing, meditative space in which you can relax deeply and journey into your inner silence to find clarity on your deepest values and passions.

Our Cacao Ceremony will provide you with the harmonising opportunity to connect inwardly to something bigger than ourselves … and experience pure feelings of truth and love.

• Aura Cleansing Ceremony:
Aura cleansing, otherwise known as smudging, is ritual alchemy — changing and shifting the air element, and transforming our current experience to a mystical one. Smudging your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response.

• Healthy, delicious and nutritious brunches, juices and vegetarian dinners will be provided daily. All the dishes are lovingly homemade and bursting with beautiful, fresh and natural ingredients – locally sourced and organic where possible.
• Our last night will be spent at a restaurant on the beach of Cala Sant Vincente at sunset – enjoying some of the best locally sourced seafood to the sounds of the Balearic waves rolling in as we bid our group farewell.

Located a 30 minute stroll down the hill to Cala Saint Vincente in the north of the island, ‘Samskara’ is a five-bedroom traditional Spanish Finca with amazing views of the rolling hills and lush greenery of the area.
Tucked away in nature, the villa enjoys incredible surround sound of Ibiza’s birds and bees and many walking trails close by that allow you to explore the island at your leisure. There is also a secret beach, the Tanit Caves and San Juan’s Sunday Markets just a short drive away.
Samskara has a stunning, shaded yoga and meditation terrace that overlooks the sunset in the valley of Saint Vincente.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM), Thai Yoga Massage and Indian Head Massage private treatments can be booked with Siân throughout the week (additional costs apply).
Best to book in advance.


James Winstanley (UK) has immersed himself deeply into the healing arts, graduating with a degree from the prestigious Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in NYC and founding the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute in Europe. He regularly travels the world working one to one with an exclusive client list and teaching new hands, hearts and minds to listen and help heal others.
James is also a world-renowned Hang Drum player.

>> JO YOULE <<
JoGa Beats was created from a fusion of Jo Youle’s (UK) three biggest passions in life: Dance, Music and Yoga.
After 10 years working as a BBC Music journalist in London, she began to feel her own practice mould into a more breath and beat linked movement meditation. Jo took her first 200 hour teacher training in Vinyasa flow, creating classes that blended her love for music and movement. Her 500 hour TTC in 2014, again in Goa, moved her away from all linear movement in her classes and the focus is now purely on flow, fascial lines in the body and freedom of movement in the body - backed by kick arse beats.

Jo also set up and runs Samskara – the stunning finca where we will be staying in Sant Vicente.

Siân Bearcroft (UK) is on a dedicated journey of learning, absorbing, developing and sharing the healing arts. As well as offering her yoga and bodywork, she created the hugely popular Ecstatic Shake Sessions at Ashiyana in Goa, where she lives and works for six months each year. Having left far behind a career in chemistry to embrace and submerse herself in a more holistic approach to life, she is passionate about inspiring people to realise their own transformations. She can be found in India, Ibiza, London, the British countryside and wherever else this beautiful life takes her!

Julien Moretto (France) spent many years studying North Indian Classical and South Indian Carnatic violin under a Guru in Varanasi. He combines his virtuoso Violin playing with a grounded and intuitive ability to facilitate people in coming closer to their innate state of love.



Room and Bell Tent accomodation options available.

Prices start from £725 per person.

(based on 2 sharing)

~ Accommodation ~ Daily Brunch ~ Daily Fresh Juice/Smoothies ~ 6 evening Dinners ~ x2 daily Yoga Classes ~ Guided Meditations ~ Guided Hiking ~ Raw Cacao Love Potion ~

~ Flights ~ Airport transfers ~ Dinner at local restaurant on final night ~ Individual Massage Treatments ~ Travel/Holiday Insurance ~


For booking and further information, please contact: