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Your Happy Place: Yoga retreats in the north of Portugal

Your Happy Place is a NEW YOGA RETREAT dreamed and built by a small team of Yoga teachers and hospitality lovers: Luísa, Johanna, Martina, Emilie and Floraine.

Join us in a magical location on the northern Portuguese coast for daily Yoga classes, surf, ocean breeze, luxuriant nature, delicious healthy vegetarian cuisine and inspiring moments!


Seixas, Caminha PT

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Jun 3 to
Sep 30
17:00 pmto12:00 pm

3 to 7 days from 260 euros!!
Running all summer from June to September!!
Contact us for availability and SAVE YOUR DATES!!


290 €

Full Description

Welcome to Your Happy Place! A green hilltop paradise for wellbeing and inspiration ! A place to dirty your sleeves with colored paint if you wish, to sit and write on a piece of shiny fresh grass or remember your old guitar bits. A place to (re)discover and spread your creativity! Or to simply STOP and listen to the singing birds and the sweet hubbud of the ocean waves, and just be, here and now, with yourself, in the very present.

Why Yoga?

Sometimes, even though we are in a magical place, we still find it hard to let go of worries and blocks. It is because true happiness does not come from any external condition, it is inside us, and the most important place we need to connect to is OURSELVES!

Here's why we decided to bring yoga to our beautiful home. Yoga is about listening to our deepest selves, from our body sensations to what they tell about our mind and soul. From that awareness, we can connect to what truly drives and inspires us, and let it flow!

The house:

The house is situated in Caminha, on the far north west coast of Portugal. You can actually see the Spanish border right from your yoga mat, as it melts into the river Minho just down the hill. The sun sets every day in front of us, behind the Spanish hills, illuminating the ocean, the beautiful forests and green fields around.
You can chill out in our sunny and flourishing garden, admiring the view and listening to the calming lapping of the swimming pool from your hammock.

For a different atmosphere, our charming meridional style terrace at the back, filled with flowers and vegetation, is the perfect place for reading in the morning light or taking a nap in the shade of the fresh stone walls.

The villa is an authentic Portuguese stone house, beautifully renovated and decorated.
We have 3 large double rooms, each with their own bathroom and direct access to a private little terrace on the garden.

You will love our zen living room, where you can use our books, guitar, and board games, or simply rest from the midday heat, daydreaming to the muted and relaxing music of our vintage record deck.

What is included:

-Welcoming drink with Porto wine!
-7 nights in a luxurious double room, with private bathroom, ocean/river view, and direct access to the garden and swimming pool
-7 succulent and nutritious vegetarian breakfasts and dinners
-As much tea, detox and refreshing drinks and infusions as you want (coffee on request)
-Daily fresh juice and smoothies
-6 energizing morning yoga classes
-6 restorative evening yoga classes
-1 surf lesson with board and instructor, from beginner to advanced level, if conditions permitting (lessons in English)
-Various activities around art, nature and well-being, subject to guest interests and availability
-Wifi on request
-Continuous access to the swimming pool, with stunning view over the river Minho and the ocean
-A one billion star sky!

Package price for a full week with us (from Saturday to Saturday):
Couple or 2 friends sharing double bed: 1100 euros (550 per person)
Single: 800 euros

*We also offer shorter stay packages (you can choose your day of arrival):
-3 days: Couple= 580 euros; Single= 430 euros
-4 days: Couple= 750 euros; Single= 550 euros
-5 days: Couple= 920 euros; Single= 675 euros

Other exciting features on request:

-Extra collective Yoga classes for 15 euros (3 people minimum)
-Extra private Yoga classes for 35 euros
-Additional Surf lessons with our instructor Kiko for 15 euros
-Thaï Yoga massage: 60 min for 50 euros, 90 min for 60 euros, 120 min for 70 euros (availability depending on the week you book, ask for our special brochure on Thaï Yoga massage)
-Lunch snack for 8 euros (picnic bag possible if you wish to spend the day outside)

What we don't provide:

Airport pickup
Transport from and to the house during the retreat


Our yoga retreat welcomes all types of yoga practitioners, from beginner to advanced level. Our yoga teachers are all certified, with many years of experience working in Portugal and overseas. They either have a Hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga training, both very suitable for a first approach of yoga. They are used to adapt their courses according to different needs and will provide both restorative and more dynamic classes. The exclusive condition of a group of 6 people maximum only allows to provide a very personalized attention and guidance to each guest’s preferences and goals.
We encourage you to work at your level of ability when doing the postures. Remember, yoga is not about performance but about awareness!
All classes will take place outside, in our beautiful garden by the pool, unless the weather doesn’t permit it.
Ask for our complete brochure and check our Facebook page to get all the information about our 3 Yoga teachers: Luísa Geraldes, Johanna Hellinger and Martina Vonkomerova.


All our meals are vegetarian and cooked with love by our chef Floraine. Both breakfasts and dinners will be served on a buffet where you can choose from a selection of delicious dishes prepared with organic and local products only.
Yummy snacks and seasonal fruits will be served during the day, along with smoothies and teas.
All meals are studied to provide the most nutritious, balanced and healthy diet. So if you're usually a meat eater and worry for your protein intake, fear no more! You will be provided with all the nutriments and energy you need and you will just feel awesome for your yoga classes and surf sessions!
Please, inform us of any special diet and food allergies or intolerance so that we can adapt the meals for you.

What a day with us looks like:

7:30am: Open your eyes to the incredible view from your beautiful bedroom and jump on your mat for an energizing yoga class in the morning light.

9am: Treat yourself with our delicious and nourishing breakfast buffet, filled with seasonal fruit, juice, fresh bread and much more.

Day free to chill out by the pool, read in the hammock, explore the beautiful surroundings, cycle to the beach and jump on a surfboard. Plenty of material to paint, draw, and create will be available in the house for you to use at your convenience, along with a guitar, games, a slackline and hula hoops! If you wish, you can also join one of our free workshops around wellbeing, art and nature (program to be discovered on arrival, subject to intervenors availability).

6:30pm: Let's meet again for our restorative evening yoga class, a blissful moment to process all the happiness refill of the day, connect to your breathing and relax deeply!

8pm: Our dinner buffet is open! Choose between our fresh salads, our yummy summer soups, our veggie gratins, pastas and much more. Yes you deserve what is best to eat: chocolate cake is invited to the retreat!

Spend the evening contemplating the sunset, with a group meditation session if you wish. Then, count the stars, play guitar, write your journal or enjoy a glass of wine in one of the local bars of the beautiful medieval town of Caminha.

Our Yoga teachers

Luísa Geraldes:

Luísa is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience. She's been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years and has travelled several times to India to deepen her knowledge and practice in Yoga and also Vedanta.
She has recently returned from a five months journey in India, where she had the opportunity to study in the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.
Luísa was born in Porto, 29 years ago. When she was 13, Yoga appeared in her life to “save” her body and give her the confidence that, as a teenager, she was missing. With more or less dedicated years of practice, Yoga became part of her life. Today, it’s her life.

When she was 20 and 21, Luísa travelled to Brazil for a Hatha Yoga teaching training, and had the first contact with Vedanta – the study based on the final of the Vedas - the study of the “Self”. After, in 2010, went to Rishikesh, India, to learn directly from Swami Dayananda, in Swami Dayananda Ashram, where she went back for three times more.
It became clear that Yoga cannot be separated from the vedantic vision of the Self.

At 22 years old, she started to practice Iyengar Yoga.
As Yoga is for the mind, always for the mind, Luísa found in Iyengar Yoga the most powerful instrument of it.
After 7 years of Iyengar Yoga practice, in Portugal but also in India, with some worldwide recognized Iyengar Yoga teachers, she successfully completed the 3 years Iyengar Yoga teaching training, becoming a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.
Luísa also studied Law. She possesses a Master Degree in Economics Law and also a Post-Graduation in Accounting and Tax.
After 5 years working in Tax, Luísa is now committed to the Yoga practice, and it’s a honour having the opportunity to share what she knows through teaching.

Johanna Hellinger:

Johanna Is a passionate traveller and surfer and has been practicing Yoga for 8 years until her travels finally brought her to the country of origin of Yoga. She did her Yoga teacher training in the beautiful Himalayan mountain province of Dharamsala, India and is excited to share her experience and the benefits of Yoga with you.

Johanna has been teaching Yoga out and about in Portugal and France since 2015. Her favorite places to practice are the beautiful parks and rooftops in Lisbon and sand dunes and beaches on the Atlantic coast of France and Portugal. Johanna is teaching weekly classes at “Little Yoga space”, "foodprintzcafe" and "Rooftopyoga Lisboa".
She loves being out in nature, be it surfing, hiking or just enjoying herself. Johanna loves to meet people from different places all over the world that share a passion of doing things they love.
Johanna also is a certified Thai Yoga massage practitioner since 2016.

Johanna teaches alignment orientated Hatha Yoga with flowing elements : « Yoga is the connection between breath and movement to calm the mind, release tension in the body and change behavioural patterns ».
 Johanna's classes include: Pranayama exercises (the art of breathing) and vary from gentle, meditative to more flowing and dynamic yoga practices : « With the flow of the breath we create good energy that helps us to go deeper into Asanas (postures), calm our minds and connect with our true self. We focus on using the breath to release tension and activate the self-healing mechanism, as well as strengthening the core muscles for a good posture and to prevent back pain. Open your heart and create a feeling of lightness that you can take with you throughout the day ».

Martina Vonkomerova:

Martina loves to explore the world and the unknown. Her background is in languages which she thought to be a key to explore diverse cultures and people with different mindsets and beliefs. She loves travelling and for the last ten years she’s been living abroad in England, Germany and Spain. In 2014 Lisbon became her home and she feels deeply in love with this place.

When she discovered yoga, she realised it was a new key to the unknown and since then she’s been exploring the whole new universe within her.  Yoga helps her to connect and get to know herself on a deeper level. Through the challenges in yoga she learns to go beyond her limitations and challenge her beliefs. In her point of view yoga is not separate from everyday life and what she discovers on mat she can also apply to her daily life. Yoga is not just about stretching of our bodies but mainly about stretching of our minds.

After completing her yoga teacher training in Portugal she started to teach hatha yoga in 2015. The most important ingredient in her practice is to bring awareness and presence into whatever we do. She teaches gentle yoga with some flowing elements with the emphasis on the breath : « Breath is like a bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind and by cultivating awareness of our breath we can bring the same awareness to other areas of our life ».

In 2016 she completed her Thai Yoga Massage training and has been working as a Thai massage practitioner since.

Our coordinators


Floraine is the « Mamma » of the house ! From the moment you get in touch with us until the end of your stay at our retreat, she will be the person you can refer to for all matters of organization, everyday life concerns, planning and a lot more ! Feeling like more spices in your yummy vegetarian lasagna or an extra pillow ? Just ask her! With a great eye for detail, she will be making sure you're feeling the most comfortable possible, providing you with everything you may need and cooking delicious food for you !

Passionate about traveling and meeting people with different cultures and languages, Floraine has worked in several countries over the world in tourism and also teaching. Art lover and story teller, she found in Your Happy Place a way to gather all her skills and love and set an environnement that encourages people to develop and express their creativity, which is for her a very important key for self empowerment and true happiness.


Born in a bilingual and bicultural family, it's not surprising that Emilie got the travel bug from a very young age ! In the last 10 years, she lived and worked in different countries as a Human Ressource manager which allowed her to allie her passion for human contact and languages. In 2011, she put her backpack on and went for a 2 year world tour on her own, a life-changing experience of explorations and encounters ! That is how she met Floraine on her way, in 2012 in Australia. A year ago, Emilie settled on the beautiful Portuguese coast where she's been developing her surfing skills ! While she keeps traveling over Europe for work, she's now organizing her life between Porto, a city very dear to her heart, and the beautiful green hills of Caminha.
She finds in Portugal a wonderful source of inspiration for new projects and ideas and a place she can call home.

Emilie is the « local », the one you can refer to to explore the surroundings, know where to catch the waves and eat the best « Pastéis de Nata » ! Like an open travel guide book, she's always the best at finding the most amazing places, such as this incredible retreat house that she can't wait sharing with you !


-Go walk on the beautiful beaches of Moledo, Vila Praia de Ancora, Afife, Arda, etc, minutes away from the house. They are some of the best surf spots in Europe! Great also for kitesurfing or just flying a kite (available).
-Walk around the beautiful town of Caminha and try a caminhese cake and a coffee “pingo”.
-Discover a unique experience walking a piece of the Camino de Santiago (10 minutes from the house!).
-Hang around medieval town of Vila Nova de Cerveira with its castel and church and do shopping in the traditional Saturday market (you can buy EVERYTHING there, even chickens!).
-Cycle along the river Minho on the ecotrail.
-Have a swim in the river from the quiet river beach on both Spanish and Portuguese borders.
-Visit the famous wine region and taste great wines from O Rosal and Goian (Spain).
-Relax in hot springs in Galicia at Ourense and eat the best “pulpo a la gallega”.
-Cross the border and visit Spain (Galicia) and the colorful harbor of A Guarda where you can have the best seafood of Galicia!
-Visit the famous “islas Cies” (from Vigo or Baiona) and relax on the stunning white sandy beaches.
-Jump into the industrial charms and heritage of the city of Vigo.
-Count 30 mns drive to the town of Viana do Castelo with its beautiful castle and historic center.
-Braga and Guimaraes are also a must if you want to discover Portugal!
-Climb and drink a coffee “cortado” on the Castro de Santa Trega with a 360° view on the ocean and surroundings and visit the world famous celtic archeological site.
-Hike in the Parque Nacional Peneda – Geres for stunning landscapes and waterfalls.
…and much more.


Car (recommended)
Count 1 hour drive from/to Porto Airport on the A28
Count 45 minutes drive from/to Vigo Airport
Count 1h45 from/to Santiago de Compostela Airport

You have daily buses from Porto to Caminha (2h)

Jump on a local train and follow the coast from Porto to Caminha/Seixas (2h30)

Arrivals and departures on Saturdays. Yoga classes from Sunday to Friday
Check in at 5pm
Check out at 12am

Languages spoken:
English, French, Spanish, Italian (yoga classes in English)


All participants must declare that they're not suffering from any injury or physical condition that could be a contraindication to the practice of yoga.
All participants must hold a personal travel insurance.

For any further information and complete brochure, please contact us on We've got a long section about the team and Yoga teachers that you can also find on our Facebook page.

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram: yoga_happyplace

We are looking forward to welcoming you in YOUR Happy Place!!

Obrigada and Namaste!