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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Canción del Corazón is a haven! Phil and Suzanne are 2 of the most inspiring people that truly live a wholistic lifestyle. They open their center with open arms and open hearts. Phil is incredibly intelligent, talented, and peaceful. A sound-journey guided by Phil will help awaken senses & bring inner tranquility. Susannah has the heart of a true yogini, the amount of love that she puts into everything she does radiates outward from the food she grows/cooks, to the pottery cups you drink out of, to basic interactions, pure love. Highly recommend going! I hope to return soon!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
So Grateful for an Amazing Experience

Canción del Corazón and Suzannah and Phil were absolutely incredible. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable and welcoming experience. Having had a rather unique circumstance my trip could have very easily turned out to be a disaster, but it was quite the opposite. They went above and beyond to show me what Vilcabamba, Ecuador had to offer, and they made my trip a memorable and positive experience. The connections, experiences, and knowledge I gained during those two weeks will be ones that I hold in my heart for a lifetime. It was priceless. Thank you!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Mind, Body & Spirit

Review for Canción del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center

Hi, I recently stayed at Canción del Corazón and I would like to leave a review:

The Canción del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center offers exactly what one could hope. Between the gracious hosts, the extensive permaculture land and the beautiful spaces, the center offers all that one needs for reflection and development of mind, body and spirit. I commend Phil and Suzanne for their vision and their skilled implementation of it. The sanctuary and its terrace, with the amazing view are perfect for exploring the limbs of yoga. The food is vegetarian, delicious and organic a primarily from their own farm.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga and permaculture heaven

Canción del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center is a very special place. The hosts are grounded, attentive, and wise, and create an intentional, and light space for yoga retreats, personal retreats, and permaculture courses. Their land is just beautiful and so well cared for. Accommodation is light and new, and the surrounding food gardens and forests are majestic. their land stewardship is infused in their everyday spiritual life practices.


Their knowledge about physical wellbeing and holistic health (i.e. whole and raw foods, fermented foods, natural remedies etc.) is extraordinary. Set in a beautiful mountain setting with ideal weather, Canción del Corazón is well worth a day, week or month. Your body, mind and spirit will be so grateful, my whole self was amazingly infused with a great deal of positive energy during my visits to Canción del Corazón, my wandering a around the land, my conversations with Phil and Susanna and all the intention and practice they bring into this world!