Soul Rise Yoga

Playa Guiones, Nosara, Guanacaste
Living Hotel
50206 Nosara
Costa Rica
Average: 4.4 of 5 stars

5 Reviews


Average: 4.4 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Great getaway for mind, heart and soul

Great place to regenerate your batteries. I'd do it every year!


Average: 3.0 of 5 stars
I expected my money to go farther

Overall, I don't feel that I got my money's worth. While I am ok with the price of $1800/person (flights not included) for a retreat, I expect the retreat to be done professionally. Here are the reasons that I just feel like I paid too much when considering the product that was delivered:


- The hotel: while the yoga space and the pool area was beautiful, the rooms were fairly shabby. I had bugs crawl out of my shower drain on a regular basis, and it was nearly impossible to get clean towels from the housekeeping staff.

- The food: The meals that we had at the Living Hotel (catered by a woman who lived locally) were absolutely delicious-- healthy, filling, super tasty meals. However, on 3 separate evenings, we went out to restaurants and split the bill, adding significant food costs that were NOT included in the $1800 that we paid. This felt especially frustrating when the two teachers who ran the retreat invited their friends to our group dinners, some of whom drank but did not contribute to the bill (which we split evenly among the group members).

- We were constantly asked to take out our wallets-- dinners, taxis to/from the hotel, and finally to tip the hotel staff at the end of the retreat. The last one seemed a little unnecessary-- we already paid Lori and Sydney $1800/person... I would think that that amount could cover a tip for the facility (this tip, per Sydney, was mandatory).

- This last point is a little touchy: not an ideal ambiance with two small children running around. Lori and Sydney invited a third guest teacher, who brought her 2 small children. At the time that we registered for the trip, we did not know this would be the situation. In fact, we weren't told that this guest teacher (and her children) would be present until shortly before we were set to arrive. This teacher believes in very hands-off parenting, which meant that members of the group were frequently minding the children, making sure that they didn't fall into the swimming pool or get swept away by the waves at the beach. This made it a bit difficult to relax sometimes, and I wish that Lori and Sydney had managed this situation better.

Overall, I would not recommend this retreat. The yoga was great, as Lori and Sydney are both wonderful teachers, but I honestly feel that I could plan a much cheaper, more luxurious, and more relaxing trip for myself with the same budget. If a friend asked me if they should go on this retreat, I would answer a firm no.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Lori and Sydney organized a trip that was spectacular. We did 4 hrs of yoga a day and many of us surfed the rest of the day away. Lori, Sydney and guest instructor, Ashley Albrand, were great teachers and truly threw their full energy into every class. The Living Hotel blended the perfect amount of luxury and organic feel. The all vegetarian menu had great variety, taste and nutritional value for the active schedule. (That comes from a meat lover). Lori and Sydney were great hosts which created a sense of family between the group. This is a trip that I will go on again and again every year!

Lori, Sydney and Ashley were amazing!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great group, great yoga, great place

Soul Rise in Nosara was a one week yoga retreat at the Living Resort. The group was small (15) but we took over the entire resort. Yoga took up mornings (two sessions of two hours.) The three teachers had varied styles and guided and tought different disciplines and skill levels. This included challenging inversions and arm balances but all participants were encouraged to engage at their own level.


No pressure (really) and even those would did not include this in their practice were supported warmly and safely without judging. The resort had spa services (massage, meridian alignment and astrology) which were a delightful and relaxing change from the morning's yoga. Food was great (vegetarian with vegan option). The resort felt like time in a modest paradise. It wasn't a luxury resort but it was beautiful (open air studio next to the pool, thatched hut bar, simple, comfortable rooms) and both intimate and comfortable. The group was friendly and welcoming to each other and made for interesting interactions and a fun time. Nights out at local restaurants were lovely as was free time on the beach including sunset on the beach as a daily ritual. Night life was available (in small, local clubs) but not mandatory. All in all, the Soul Rise Yoga retreat was a great opportunity to spend a week in a lovely, exotic place with wonderful people and great yoga. (Most participants were in their 30s but even the "older folks" were fully integrated into the group.)

The only down side (which I attribute to working out kinks in logistics) was miscommunication on transportation to and from the airport and cash (needed much more than recommended -dinners out not included, spa services, tips, side trips- without a working ATM convenient to the resort). This was the only wrinkle in an otherwise smooth-as-silk experience. The leaders (Laurie and Sydney) were loving, gracious and wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend the Nosara Soul Rise Yoga retreat. It was a thoughtful, relaxing, challenging and fun experience.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Perfection. Period.

I'm pretty confident in saying this was the best retreat I've ever been on. Aside from knowing one of the teachers, I didn't know anyone before signing up; I loved everyone and the collaborative energy of the group was powerful. Sydney and Lori have something special in not just their teaching, but in their humanity that is hard to find in the growing mass of yoga teachers. The effort and detail that went into their planning was obvious. If you are even considering joining them, don't hesitate for a second. Costa Rica, especially Nosara, has reserved a special place in my heart that I miss every day.