Body Mind Circle

Peace Community of Faith
5050 Hodgeson Road
Shoreview, MN 55126
United States
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Hiyala is an Awesome Yoga Teacher..

Hiyala is the matriarch of yoga and holistic health in the twin cities. She not only teaches a very authentic style of yoga, she lives it! Her classes have a nice mix of asana, pranayama and meditation. I would highly recommend checking out one of her classes! You won't find a more unique teacher anywhere!

Hiyala IndigaFebruary 23, 2015
i am u, u r me

thanks annie. from one to another!

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Your Hiyala

Individual needs of her students is a priority for Hiyala. She is aware of these needs as she structures her yoga and pilates classes. I have benefited much as her student for 16 years.

Hiyala IndigaJanuary 14, 2015
my most "senior " student

Thanks bette! I have benefited also by having you as my student for 16 years. We are on a wonderful journey of self improvement and enlightenment together!

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Asanas plus so much more!

I have been studying yoga with Hiyala for 13 years and drive in from Stillwater once a week for her Tuesday AM class. Hiyala is a college educated teacher by profession (not just yoga.) She is an avid reader who has great knowledge based on her in-depth study of yoga and Buddhist philosophy. So not only does she guide us through the poses, she also shares and challenges her students with what she is studying. Like finding the balance between struggling and surrender.


(She has Hindu words for these concepts.) And whether you need to concentrate on your purpose/duty in your life right now - Or maybe just on how to practically achieve that - money, shelter, transportation - letting the loftier goal take a back burner for now. Thinking about "goals" and the everyday "intentions" that manifest those goals.

In short, I can HIGHLY recommend Hiyala if you are looking for some intellectual stimulation along with guidance in your poses and meditation practice.

Sue N. (age 62)

Hiyala IndigaJanuary 14, 2015
thanks sue

I am so grateful for your continued presence in my tues am class. 13 years!!! that's a long term relationship! We've been thru a lot of growth together! thanks so much for this review!

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Coming home

Coming from Germany I was looking for a Yoga studio in my neighborhood, where I would find the Yoga I experienced at home, meaning not focusing only on the body but also on all other aspects of Yoga. From the first moment on I knew I was at the right place. It´s hard to describe. You have to experience it yourself!

Hiyala IndigaAugust 5, 2014
eine sehr gut yogini

danke martina.. ich liebe dich!