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A tool to improve life

I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for 4 years in Italy and when I decided to travel for a few months in India I started looking for a place where to practice yoga, I found HIYC online and I decided to include a trip to Arambol in my travelling. 

During my first 5 days course I was really surprised how much attention is given to the work in the feet. I knew I had no control over my feet and I was convinced there was no way I could gain it.


I was really surprised, therefore, to see how quickly I could get back in touch with my body (starting from the feet!) and how much more aware of my sensations I was when giving my full attention to it! After my first week I was so enthusiastic that I ended up attending 4 other 5-days courses and decided to make an Intensive Course Chakras & Evolution of Consciousness with Sharat Arora.

The first change I could observe and feel was in my mind. It became calmer (a real achievement for someone like me!) for this reason I decided to drop what I was doing before and continued following Sharat's method. Practising yoga a HIYC means to bring awareness in your practice and as a consequence in your life. Of course we use the body in the asanas and this is good on the physical level but the real reason I practice yoga now is to undertake a spiritual growth. I feel I have been given a tool through which I can work to improve my posture as well as to improve my life!

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What a place!

After a few months of life in the Himalayas, I went in the direction of: SOUTH. And I arrived at Arambol! It's a crazy place, in which there is no place for peace and silence. Yet? ... Who is looking for something is always founding! I found it! In the center of Arambol, between the buildings and the coconut trees, hides HIYC. Here is a place for quiet practice of yoga, meditation, and meeting with friends, away from the bustle and noise of the street.


Fantastic place, where you can listen to birds singing, listen to nature and it's all in the center of the noisy Arambol! Yoga classes at the high level, the teachers extremely friendly and engagement, positive atmosphere at the classes and always present/ our teacher - Sharat . With all my heart - I recommend!

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Brilliant Yoga+ Tropical Paradise= BLISS!

Giant palm trees shade the huts and yoga halls from the powerful sunshine. A breeze blows gently through the hall, cooling my skin as I lie in a relaxation posture. Class ends and I rush to the beach for a midday swim before lunch. I enjoy tropical fruits and fresh salads with squeezed limes. In the early evening, the whole town moves to the beach to witness the changing colours of the sunset and to listen to, or join in, the nightly jam session.


Arambol is beautiful, although not my preferred scene. It’s a party town, choc full of tourists, but HIYC is a peaceful haven, away from the hustle and bustle. Nature’s symphony is my lullaby and my alarm clock. It shelters my ears from the sounds of nightly fireworks displays and booming bass beats.

There is a rustic charm to the yoga centre with its open halls constructed from bamboo bars and mosquito netting. The huts are simple and fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

The teaching, whether delivered by Sharat himself, or one of his trained teachers, is practical, interesting, and simple yet challenging. Appropriate also to the beach scene is the focus on relaxation and softness in the postures. It is refreshing to be taught to work from the foundations in the asanas, rather than the traditional “raise your knee caps and tighten the thigh muscles” instruction that never made sense to me. Goa is a wonderful place to learn how to relax, to let go and to enjoy, both asana practice and life in general. Here you will learn to find balance, relieve stress and stay youthful. No previous yoga experience is required. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn a technique that has the potential to change your life.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Profound Yoga journey in tropical Goa

Goa centre
I have an opportunity to explore the HIYC Goa centre situated close to Arambol natural beach. It is an amazing place for those who love Yoga combined with sunshine and tropical mood in the air. The centre is planted under the coconut palms and provides 2 Toga halls, authentic bamboo huts for rent and clean environment for Yoga experience. Yoga practice in the Yoga hall has powerful ingredients of sunrise and sunset which you can observe because the walls are transparent.
HIYC in Goa is tropical paradise where you can dive into ocean of Hatha Yoga guided by experienced Yoga master – Sharat Arora