Kaivalya Yoga School & Mahadevi Ashram

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07014 Tzununa
Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Welcome Home

The day I arrived to the Ashram, I read a chalkboard sign listing the day’s schedule and at the top it read, “Welcome Home” … Except it was everything that my home wasn’t in a traditional sense … At first it was so different, unique, unusual from what I was used to that I found myself outside my element. I was sleeping in a treehouse surrounded by the world’s natural beauty, eating a (delicious) vegan diet and meditating, chanting and doing yoga six days a week.


But by the time my 5 weeks of YTT were up … I had a completely new outlook on life. Mahadevi provided me with the opportunity to open my heart, embrace transformation and connect to my true self without feeling an ounce of judgement for it. Arjuna is a phenomenal teacher and Arpita is the embodiment of grace. I can’t describe how grateful I am for my time spent at the Ashram; it was the best gift I could have given to myself. And now every time I think of Mahadevi Ashram … I think of home.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Exactly what I didn't know I needed

I stayed at the Mahadevi Ashram for 1 month to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. The instructors were extremely profesional while still humbly personable. An excellent team providing the most delicous food to acompany a transformational yoga and meditation practice. They went above and beyond the curriculum and included mini-sessions in the evening to cover topics of our interest. The days and weeks unfolded in the most briliant manner as we dove deep into the practice. Leading up to the training, they were responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend anyone with any level of experience to visit the Mahadevi Ashram.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A Journey To The Heart

During my time at Mahadevi, I spent much time on a beautiful bridge, honoring the river that runs through their property. During our silent retreat, while I sat on the bridge, an overwhelming feeling come over me. The earth was abuzz with life. I was completely engulfed in the whole. There was no "I," simply presence; beingness. The abundance of life was a part of me, and I a part of it. This ashram was a journey through the power of breath to the inner cave of higher knowing. I found deep stillness, connection with the self, and clarity from a month in their beautiful home. I highly recommend spending time sharing all the love and light Arjuna and Arpita are able to channel and share :)


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Sancturay of deep and genuine practice

The ashram is a great container for any wanting to give themselves the time and space for heart expansion and real transformation. Built around a community aesthetic the integration begins at your new home!

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Journey of a Lifetime

This beautifully located ashram combined with the loving guidance of Arjuna and Arpita allows yogis to truly explore yoga and self. Rustic cabins set in the trees next to the river allow you to be close to nature. Arjuna's knowledge and wisdom give new understanding and insight to so much about yoga and Arpita's presence allow for stillness and peace. My time at Mahadevi Ashram was unforgettable and I am grateful for all the experiences I had and carry with me from there.

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Silent Retreat April 2014

Located at a beautiful lake with an amazing garden Kaivalya is a place to relax and come down. I felt very comfortable from the Moment of requesting my room until the end of the retreat. very familiar, warm and harmonic atmosphere. Food was amazing, rooms were clean and cozy. The retreat itself was very well too, deeply moving and convenient lectures. It was a very important experience for my life. Thanks a lot.

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Perfect Introduction to Yoga & Mediation

My husband and I were both new to Yoga and Meditation and Kaivalya was an absolute blessing! We undertook the first week of a one month course and enjoyed every minute. Arjuna is truly a great teacher. His method for teaching meditation was simple and effective. The yoga was not simply a physical exercise but focused on holding the postures comfortably for a longer period of time and focusing on meditation.


The daily lectures provided the theoretical foundation necessary to piece the entire practise together. We also took part in the full day Tantra workshop run by Arpita which was another well run, informative day. We always felt like we could approach both Arjuna and Arpita with any questions and concerns. We learnt a great deal during our week at Kaivalya and the course left us hungry for more. I would highly recommend Kaivalya and hope to see you both again in the future to take part in the full month course. P.S we still wake up many days with the bhajans/kirtan in our head:)

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A second home

I took the one month intensive practitioner's course and fell in love with San Marcos la Laguna, in particular the Kaivalya Yoga ashram and it's two down-to-Earth gurus, Arjuna and his wife, Arpita. Afterwards, I was inspired to sit for the 4 day silent retreat afterwards, having never practiced concentration techniques before my trip. I left with the knowledge and desire to continue with daily asana and meditation practice.


Arjuna is the only teacher in town who offers a free class, which includes the morning and afternoon classes with a lecture to boot! I came to San Marcos, knowing that I wanted to practice asana everyday, and after attending my first classes and lecture with Arjuna, I was hooked on the style of both the Hridaya Yoga postures and the manner in which he teaches and helps one to understand what can otherwise seem as esoteric themes.

I stayed at the ashram during the one month course as well as for another few weeks when I decided to come back to the lake one month later. After the month course, I have continued my daily practice and love having the yoga hall to use in between classes. It has a wonderful view of the lake and fantastic vibes (buena onda).

If you ever have any problems understanding any of the lecture themes, asanas, or simply care to have a laugh, Arjuna is always ready to accommodate; he's extremely knowledgeable about his chosen life's work and very approachable. His wife, Arpita is always ready to help you feel comfortable during your stay at the ashram. In addition, she offers spiritual guidance for anyone who might run into difficulties or concerns during the course, as things of this matter can definitely come about with all of the energy being moved throughout the body. She helped me through some difficulties I was having, and I will carry her advice with me forever.

Throughout my stay, I came to love my gurus as a brother, sister, mother, father, and especially as great friends. I will always think of the Kaivalya ashram as a second home, will forever carry warm memories of my stay there, and will likely return in a few years to attend their newly offered Hridaya Yoga teacher's training.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Heart Opening Experience

I can only praise Arpita and Arjuna for my experience at Kaivalya! My partner and myself took a one day intensive Tantric course there and we were amazed. They spent a lot of time on the theories of the practice, which is what I feel a lot of tantra courses out there fail to do. By no means was that part boring, they did an amazing job to keep the students engaged by practical exercises that challenged each of us to look inside.


The course I took with them has not only helped open my eyes to parts of myself that I do not give enough attention too, but it gave me the tools I needed to actually tackle things within myself on a daily basis to grow a healthier union with myself and therefore with my partner. My partner and I have grown so much in our communication. In just a short 9 hours Arjuna and Arpita completely changed the way my boyfriend and I interact with each other, I couldn't imagine what more time with them could do. To anyone who is thinking of doing any course with them..STOP THINKING, Just do it! The quality of knowledge and practice you will receive there you will not find a better deal on price or experience!
Jasmine S.