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Bird Studio, Vantage Point
Also in many venues across the city
East Sussex
New England St, BN1 4GW
United Kingdom
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspirational yoga!

I am so grateful for discovering Lushtums yoga after moving to Brighton. I started pregnancy yoga with when I was 17 weeks pregnant and from the very first class I felt energised, nurtured and empowered. My weekly classes soon became the highlight of my week; a chance to connect with my baby, to make time for myself, to gain physical and emotional strength, to meet other pregnant women and to learn about the process of pregnancy. They were truly wonderful.


Once my baby was born I attended Lushtums post-natal yoga with him, starting around 7 weeks after birth. This really helped me get back on my feet physically and begin to heal and regain strength. It also helped me to find peace when things were often chaotic, grow in confidence and meet like minded mums who were a vital support network. Clare, the founder of Lushtums is an inspirational yoga teacher who is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga and about every aspect of pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. She exhudes warmth, care and calmness and her positivity is infectious, which makes every class a total joy. She has an incredible team who all bring their individual style and expertise to their classes to ensure that Lushtums can offer the perfect class for everyone. I can't recommend them highly enough!