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Schwartz street 5.
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Every class at Present Joga with Marti is a journey to your soul, about your body, how to connect and harmonize them. Classes help to know yourself more and more and fulfill in a higher quality of nature.

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deep knowledge, love and great dedication

I got to know Marti through the `Gerilla Jóga` movement she started and that she poured her heart into. This was a fantastic opportunity for the people of Budapest to enjoy yoga, try different schools of yoga and connect to other people also interested in yoga for free - through classes offered by dedicated teachers and often held in public parks to the accompaniment of chirping birds :) - when Marti started this movement, this was one of a kind in Budapest and now there are several similar groups. Marti helped make yoga part of people's lives and to take it beyond the mat or the studio. I am sure Ra'anana won an amazing and dedicated yoga teacher and therapist in her.

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Powerfull, high trained teacher with full of love. I really love her intimate classes, thank you everything and good luck in Israel :) <3

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Yoga with Márti Haklik

She was my favorite teacher in Hungary, not only a great, responsible, skillful and a dedicated yoga teacher, she is much more...a beautiful, loving, warm-hearted human being, so we became good friends during the years when she accompanied me on my way to became more conscious, flexible and acceptor about my body, myself and for others around me. I got so much knowledge and help from her spine and women's hatha yoga classes, women's circles and workshops. I'm very grateful for her and I wish I could participate in her Present Yoga classes in Israel :)))

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Best teacher ever

Marti Haklik is the greatest yoga instructor, she always keep in her mind the "students", what they body and mind wish. Her personality was as well a motication for join to the classes.