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The Sivananda centre is like coming home

I don't get to come to the Putney centre very often but when I do it is like coming home: the warmth and friendliness of all the staff, and students; the purity of the yoga; the satsangs; the delicious vegetarian food; the boutique with amazing books on yoga and life. I never want to leave and always feel healed, and rejuvenated when I go.

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A Little Gem By The River...

Tucked away in a residential area near the river in Putney is where you'll find this gem. I call it a gem as I believe it holds beauty and worth. I have practiced yoga and shared my knowledge of yoga for over 15 years. I have practiced other styles with other teachers in other locations.....

The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London is different. Different because whatever your experience, feeling, health, mood or time constraints - you will find a class for you.


In addition to the regular classes on offer, there is a healthy menu of workshops, courses, special programmes and breaks away.

If you have a question, there is someone there to answer you. If you prefer to find your own answers - the book shop is a few steps inside the entrance and you are free to browse at your leisure.

Airy and spacious with natural light, The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre is a generous place to begin or enhance your yoga practice.

A place where you are able to delve deeper into your yoga practice if you wish.

A place I will continue to be a small part of and hold in great esteem with affection.

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An Inspirational place to be !

I started to come to Sivananda Yoga Centre because I had panic attack combined with depression in 2006, I was in a very bad place which last for over 4 years , during this period I have been searching for a place where I could feel welcome , when I went to Sinavanda Yoga open class I just knew that I found a genuine place, non judgemental , friendly and inspirational place to be !

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A Tranquil and Inspiring Place

I have been going to classes here for nearly 20 years and I can't recommend it highly enough. Each class begins with chanting and breathing and then continues with Sun Salutations and asanas before concluding with final relaxation and a final prayer. I always feel very balanced and calm afterwards. You can also do courses to deepen your practice. The staff are very friendly and helpful. You will have a very holistic experience of yoga at this centre.

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Sivananda Summer retreat at Gaunt House

Few years ago I attended the Sivananda Summer retreat at Gaunt House. For the first time I experience more than one day of Yogic life and I still make treasure of the peaceful moments I had during those days.


Gaunt house is situated in the beauty of the Dorset countryside and the evening I arrived I could not really appreciate the stateliness of the building. The size of the old red manor with its different sections surrounded by an astonishing estate became clear to me in the following days. When I got the chance to enjoy the different activities.
The first day the weather wasn’t good at in the morning with at fresh breeze that at 5:30 in the morning helped me waking up, during the day , however, the sun came up and we could enjoy the nature walk in the farm and woodlands around the house.
The contact with nature, the simple life style and the atmosphere created by all participants plus the yogic program of the retreat, helped me relaxing, leaving behind the daily working activities, let me reflecting on some fundamentals of life that in our stressful, competitive society are remaining hidden in our hearts Overall it was a great experience and I keep good memories of the time spent at the retreat; it is an experience that I would recommend to everyone who is seeking quiet and peaceful moments to reflect and to regenerate physically and spiritually.

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The source for Sivananda yoga

The Sivananda centre in Putney is a genuine centre of excellence for traditional hatha yoga, meditation and vedanta teaching in London. Taught by dedicated yogis many of whom live at the centre as full-time staff, including highly experienced swamis. A welcoming and inviting place to discover the true source of yoga.

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The Sivananda yoga centre has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, the soup is delicious J and the people are lovely. The centre offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes taught by experienced swamis and teachers, and regularly organises satsang, Ayurvedic cooking courses, ashram retreats, and other fun yogic activities! There are free trial classes twice a week, and all newcomers are always welcomed warmly. Since joining the centre, yoga and meditation have had such a powerful, positive effect on my life I heartily recommend it for anyone seeking health and enlightenment.

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Health is wealth,peace of mind is happiness,Yoga Shows the w

The Ashram is like an oasis in the middle of the dessert. After a long days trek in the barren wilderness you can stop to quench your thirst, re-energise, recharge and rejuvenate yourself, in addition to attaining knowledge and wisdom. Come and explore the possibilities for yourself. It may turn out to be a life changing experience as it was for me!