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Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

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Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Online postnatal yoga class

I recently completed the postnatal yoga course conducted by Bhaswati. I wanted to start after 4 months of delivery but was very tired to do so. Bhaswati advised me On certain Things to follow Like waking, oil massage etc. in preparation For the Classes so that my body becomes a little flexible and I gain Some energy. I followed her advise and started the classes a month later. Initially I felt my body a little stiff but gradually I improved a lot during the course of the classes.


I practiced yoga almost everyday and I feel much more fit and less tired now. Pranayama helps sleep deprivation of new mothers. Bhaswati also consults individually to check if any specific parts of the body need to be exercised for relief. I recommend her postnatal classes to other mothers.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I have recently done prenatal Yoga from, Bhaswati Seal, 9980625625

Ms. Bhaswati, our Yoga teacher looked at the various health problems we face and incorporated exercises/asanas accordingly. And I am feeling much better and energetic after joining and practicing the yoga, food and general practices she has suggested to follow.

Highly recommended.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent guru!

Being in the IT industry like many others in Bangalore, fatigue and back-ache were prime issues that bothered my lifestyle. I signed up for the yoga course under Smt. Bhaswati's guidance based on my wife's recommendation, who herself had taken the twelve class-six week course with excellent results.


Smt. Bhaswati is a thorough professional. She requested a face-to-face meeting to understand my motivations to sign up for the course. She took notes of our discussions, which she did for others too, and customized lessons to suit individual needs and issues.

Being a practicing guru, she explains the importance of posture, its benefits and ensures each student gets it right. Her holistic suggestions including daily walks, food habits etc. in addition to the Yoga that I learnt have helped me tackle that problems I mentioned at the very beginning of this review.

I highly recommend Srimoyi Yoga. Smt. Bhaswati is one of the best gurus who has guided me.

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I completed yoga class at Srimoyi yoga.I had brain fog(confusion) and Hypothyroid (an autoimmune disorder),in order to control these i have joined yoga.Bhaswati mam understands everyones problem and tries to teach the relevant pranayama and the asanas(apart from the normal yoga) which help us in reducing/managing the problem. Bhaswati mam also gives some important tips related to the diet,lifestyle which can make a great difference to the overall health.Overall i have found yoga to be useful in managing my stress effectively and managing the symptoms related to the thyroid.
I would strongly recommend Srimoyi yoga at any point.

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Yoga Cures PCOS

I joined Yoga classes in Srimoyi Yoga, run by Smt.Bhaswati Seal.
We are TTC for quite sometime, and on a medical check up, realized that I have Mild Pcos (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).
The Yoga poses taught by Smt. Baswati Seal and consistent practice at home helped me in both weight reduction and treating PCOS.
It is very amazing that PCOS has significantly reduced in just 4 weeks of Yoga. Now me and my husband are strong believers of Yoga!!


I am in my 5th week of the six week course and am already satisfied with the results...
I am planning to join Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga as well,(after consulting Doc)!!

I hesitated to write any personal medical condition in Social sites as it affects privacy,
But in an intention to reach out to other people with PCOS and weight problems, I am writing this.,
so they can start looking into Yoga (with a guide like Smt. Baswati Seal) with hope..

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A wonderful experience

I have benefitted from learning yoga from Bhaswati ma'am over a period of 2 months.

From the beginning, the whole experience was good.

On my first visit, she spent time in understanding my requirements, my lifestyle and my medical history. This is the important part because this probably helps her to tailor the program according to the student.


The second point that I liked was that her batch had a maximum of 4 students. I liked this fact because it meant that there was always sufficient time to address each individual's learning curve.

The classes are held twice a week on a monthly basis. The pace goes up as the students progress. Since, I had not had much exposure to practising yoga earlier, I took the beginner's batch. It starts gradually with easy asanas and exercises and then gradually builds up pace.

Like every good personal development program, the whole essence is on getting the technique right.

Definitely a good introduction to yoga.

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Focused yet flexible yoga classes

Bhaswati's classes were a great find! I had a somewhat rough first trimester and needed someone who I could trust as I pushed myself physically. She carefully took note of my background, diet and overall health/physical fitness situation. And in every class, made sure that those were addressed through specific exercises and do's/don'ts. During the classes, I faced another health challenge and she was nice enough to adjust my sessions and yoga routines to work around those issues. The small batch size and personalised attention definitely make it easier to stay focussed and get the maximum benefit from prenatal yoga. While her flexibility allows individual needs to be addressed as well. Would happily recommend her classes to anyone.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Excellent prenatal yoga class

I have just finished prenatal yoga class with Basawathi. I am 32 year old and this is my first pregnancy. I was among the lucky ones who didn't have any nausea but I had trouble with bloating, constipation and severe muscle cramps. My hands used to go numb during sleep from early pregnancy. I am on the bulky side. So doctors and family did scare me about weight gain and diabetes.I found abt Srimoyi yoga from internet . Basawathi is really passionate about her class.


My husband and me liked the counselling session we had with her. I have diligently followed the exercises and diet routine. I feel much lighter and healthy than I felt at first trimester. Obviously I have put on weight now that I am in last trimester but I didn't get gestational diabetes. Best thing I liked at Srimoyi is that there are only 4 participants at a time. She gives individual attention to each of the participants and address their specific issues. Thank you Basawathi.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

If motivation is the key to maintaining a consistent exercise regimen, I found it at Srimoyi. My work schedule was unpredictable enough to frequently interrupt the momentum of exercise routines I used to set. As a solution, I was open to working with a personal trainer but was also acutely aware that finding a suitable teacher would be challenging. Bhaswati's no nonsense approach to fitness was a compelling reason for me to enroll for her classes.


The personalized attention (my batch comprised four people) was an added attraction. Her holistic approach is not limited to yoga and extends to advice on nutrition, which benefited me. She customized the classes with specific asanas that help strengthen back and legs which were my major pain areas. I would wholeheartedly recommend Srimoyi Yoga classes to anyone seeking a friend and guide in their quest for fitness.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Prenatal Yoga

I have recently attended the Prenatal Yoga class at Srimoyi yoga. This has been the best gift I could give myself during my pregnancy. Before starting the classes, Bhaswati, our Yoga teacher looked at the various health problems we face and incorporated exercises/asanas accordingly. She explains how an asana/pose would help or benefit us. Prior to joining the class, I had headache, low appetite, stiff neck etc.


and its been only 4-5 weeks since I have been practicing, and I no longer have these health issues. She also took note of my diet and suggested changes to help during my pregnancy.
Apart from the Yoga class, her tips, advices and guidance on what a women would face during pregnancy have been immensely helpful in preparing myself for the coming months.
I would recommend Srimoyi's prenatal yoga class to any expecting mother.