The Yoga Garden

St. Bartholomew's Church
82 Prospect Street
White Plains, NY 10606
United States
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Breath Centered Yoga Practice

Are you looking for a truly breath centered yoga practice?
Go to the Yoga Garden where Patty will help you explore yoga poses from the inside out, riding your waves of inhale and exhale while discovering your preferences, patterns and habits along the way. First you might think this is a slow and easy class, but soon you will discover that you are on a body trip full of expansion that contagiously effects your mindset for the better.


You will ease into poses you never thought possible – like Patty guided me into a free headstand. Patty will teach you to widen, melt open, sink into, balance. She will help you to find your Sthira – your firm structures: steady and alert and your ‘Sukha’ – your lighthearted, free floating explorations.
At the same time, you will find yourself in places where you feel vulnerable, jittery and wobbly, judgmental. Before you know it you slowly let go of your attitudes and find new goals: like how can I support myself in most difficult poses (life circumstances)? How can I find ways to build stamina while not over committing? Or under different circumstances take a risk I didn’t know was worth taking, like hanging out in a backbend I always avoided.
You will find focus in sequencing Vinyasas; you will want to memorize flow patterns, and build your home practice. On the way you might be inspired by other yogis sharing the adventure and celebrating the small victories of ‘doing / being you’. You will find yourself in the paradox of being steeped into yoga tradition while at the same time wondering about your unique existence.
Are you looking for a yoga practice from the inside out – check out Patty at the Yoga Garden, a light filled place. You will find good company there too.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Patty is a gifted teacher

I've been studying and practicing yoga with Patty for about 5 years. The class atmosphere is warm and welcoming no matter what your level of practice. During class Patty engages with students, suggesting an approach to a pose or a new way of thinking about allowing it to work depending on our individual needs. Her teachings often resonate with me throughout the week. Her classes have definitely enhanced my life!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wedding Day Yoga!

I have been taking classes with Patty for close to ten years now. It started as something my mom and I could do together and has turned into something I miss very much when I am unable to attend a class. I have taken yoga classes in different places around the world, but I find a class with Patty is incredibly rewarding, both mentally and physically, in a way other classes are not.


Patty makes the experience personal, she encourages you to find what your body can handle, but reminds you that there is no expectation of what it should do. She offers possibilities with each pose, which for me and my tight hamstrings is quite important! When I got married in May this year, I asked Patty to come teach a class to me, my mom, and a few of my bridesmaids the morning of the wedding. I knew it would help me relieve some of the stress of the day and start it off in the right way, but I couldn't have predicted how much it was going to positively impact the day. I, of course, enjoyed my wedding day, but I think starting the day with yoga just helped me and everyone around me truly have a fantastic experience. I highly recommend Patty Holmes as a yoga instructor. Take a class and you'll see for yourself what makes her so special.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Raising the bar

I have never enjoyed a class more. From the beginning, Patti is very welcoming and encouraging and has an ability to make a class feel like it has been together for a long time. We are individually acknowledged and congratulated for our accomplishments as a group. Patti's knowledge of the human body is profound; with her direction you can actually feel your breath travel through your nose and pass through each part of the body. Patti develops a pose slowly, from the toes,up through the leg, core, arms, head...etc. This process allows me to complete more movements that I thought possible.
Great instructor.