Yoga Connection

6555 Nova Dr suite 302
Davie, FL 33317
United States
Average: 1.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 1.0 of 5 stars
Terrible Experience and I wanted to experience the place

With everything Yoga is supposed to offer including a positive, warm mind and body connection, the staff who answers inquiries for potential clients and newcomers to yoga are the worst. While calling to inquiry about classes and ask about health concerns, Phillis, who has apparently worked the front desk for eight years, literally passed me off to a man in the middle of a question (with not a word about being busy right then or anything-literally in mid-sentence).


Being completely taken aback by this very unprofessional and quite frankly surprising introduction to yoga, I am convinced that this Yoga Connection is merely a guise to promote yoga not its philosophy. When I gathered my emotions about being passed off without one word that they were apparently busy checking people in, the man at the desk gave me attitude. A person inquiring about service, including private sessions at $100 per hour, gave me attitude. Wow! These people are definitely jerks who do not understand the premise behind this eastern art and philosophy. My friend enjoys the Yoga studio, Yoga Joint, out east in Fort Lauderdale. Because the Yoga Connection is the only place in west, central Broward, it must be the only reason why it is in business. Sad. Well, maybe I will try yoga out in Fort Lauderdale, albeit inconvenient, and then help invest for some competition in west, central Broward. It won't be difficult to build a better business than Yoga Connection. Buyer Beware! This is all people need to know. The Yoga Connection does not truly care about people.

Brian SchwartzMarch 9, 2015
Negative review from lady who never stepped foot inside studio..

Anyone who's been to Yoga Connection knows we go out of our way to help everyone as much as we can. This woman called us during a very busy time, right when 30 people were checking into class, and instead of making her wait , the phone was passed directly to the Owner who asked politely how he could answer whatever questions she had.

No further explanation is needed here, the woman's review speaks for itself.