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Average: 1.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 1.0 of 5 stars
Will NOT recommend their yoga teacher training

This is a long one, detailing my experience in their Teacher Training Course. In short, please go somewhere else for Yoga Teacher Training and NOT Yoga Mala. Please read for the details and hope it helps you with your decision.



I joined their part time YTT course for 3 simple reasons - it’s a part time course (I have a full time job), I want to learn about alignments for Yoga poses, and they have a 20 hours practical training in their studio for new students.

Yes, I do learn about alignment and the main course is primarily focused on anatomy and alignment. This is what I wanted, but for others, it felt like there is no balance in terms of the syllabus.

In general, the lecture sessions are not motivating nor enthusiastic. We have to ask and prompt for more information most of the time. Usually when questions are asked, most of the time, it will be asked back to us to get our thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I see the point in getting us to think of answer, but it felt like we have to “earned” or “work hard” for an answer. Towards the end of the course, we have to request for additional day to come back in to learn about adjustments because they couldn’t complete it in time. For something that they told us will take 2 full days, was then cut down to 6 hours. Of which, 1.5 hours was spent with them asking us for good feedback and video recording us doing that. Some of us were reluctant to do it and informed them that we would prefer to email them instead. The lead trainer gave us a very unhappy face and snapped at one of us when she quietly approached him later. I find this very unprofessional.

Now that we have completed the course, exams and practical test, we have to get on with our 20 hours of practical - teaching in the studio before we can receive our certificate. Unfortunately, I have to move countries, and leaving Singapore for good - which I have informed them 3 months ahead (moving in Dec). Since they were renovating a studio room, I got notice of teaching only in October (1 month later). Since there are only 2 months, and a once a week teaching in their studio, I have brought up that I will only complete 8 classes and couldn’t complete all 20 hours.

Long story short, they have implemented that me and my coursemates to complete 10 hours teaching OUTSIDE of their studio, instead of 20 hours. You may think that - that’s awesome - 10 hours instead of 20 hours. But, we have to video record all of our classes, it has to show our students which most people declined to be videoed. On top of that, we have to search for a venue, arrange for a time where people can come, indemnity forms to be signed - a lot more hassle compared to teaching in their studio. Unfortunately, Yoga Mala did not want to discuss or negotiate anymore with me or my coursemates. I find this very irresponsible of a yoga studio. Further to that, we have to schedule us (coursemates) to attend each other’s classes just in case no one turns up. Instead of spending 10 hours teaching, based on the schedule, I will be spending a total of 28 hours - teaching and attending my coursemates’ classes.

In the end, I wrote to Yoga Mala to say I cannot not complete the 10 hours as they have made changes to the requirement from the time I applied and on the syllabus that they have given me. Since I am moving from Singapore in December, I rather spend quality time with my friends and family, rather than harbouring all these negativity towards this studio. I am very very disappointed with the whole experience.

I have made full payment, passed the written and practical exams and I will NOT receive my certificate because I did not complete my practical teaching hours due to THEM making the changes - teaching outside of their yoga studio, and video recording students.