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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga anytime

I've been using Yogaia for the last month or so and I have found it a great way to exercise in my own time. I keep odd hours so with Yogaia I can take take a class whenever I have the time. There are recorded classes at different levels and focussing on different activities. I am a beginner but I still found the classes easy to follow.
There are also live classes available so you can interact with the instructor.
Yogaia is so convenient as well as being great value. I would recommend everyone give it a go.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
People with actual busy lives, unite!

I have lived in London for well over a year now and for the longest time I kept thinking "I need to find a yoga studio - I need to do more yoga - I am so stressed out - I work 10/11-hour days, when do I have time? - My rent is astronomical, do I even have money for classes? - Stress! Stress! Stress!


Then, through sheer luck, I found Yogaia online. With amazing value for money (not even £100 for a one-year subscription) you can do as many classes as you want! You don't waste money on travelling to your studio, nor do you waste time. You simply come home - which is the only place you want to be going to after a long day - and roll out your mat. Your laptop is at the ready: after turning on your webcam, your teacher may see you and give you corrections as you go through the class.
The classes always start perfectly on time and you can schedule in advance, if you want. You can do the classes either online on the website, or on your phone/tablet with the app. There's live classes, which are definitely the best part about Yogaia. But if you had a particularly late day or dinner with a friend, not to worry: you can watch the recordings of any class at any time you want. There's literally hundreds of classes at your finger tips: no limitation on how many you'd want to do.
For me, someone who's young and still has much to prove in the office - and therefore work many long hours - this is just perfect. I've not got the funds to spend so much money on classes I haven't got time to attend. Yet I do suffer from back issues, which is something yoga helps me with. And I've notified my teachers on Yogaia, so every time there's a particularly tricky pose for me, I'll get an alternative offered to me! And they say the internet is impersonal... Ha! Try Yogaia: you won't regret it.
They have a 7-day trial for free - what are you waiting for? :-)

Yogaia TeamSeptember 22, 2016
You have made our day, Lotte!

Hi Lotte,


Wow! What else can we say but thank you, thank YOU for this wonderful review of our online yoga studio. We are so incredibly happy that we have helped you along your yoga journey in a way that fits around your lifestyle. Everything you have said is exactly why we exist: we are passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of their experience or location or how much money they want to invest or how much free time they have. You have truly made our day/week/month!

It's also wonderful to hear that you're enjoying our live classes, Lotte. Our teachers love teaching them and having the opportunity to meet their students, so it's wonderful to hear that you've been getting a lot out of the interactive experience we aim to create in each and every live class.

We actually have some exciting news! Today we launched a new way of sharing our classes with new Yogaia yogis by removing the 7-day free trial for people who sign up. Instead, we are offering unlimited free access to our most popular recorded classes to everyone who signs up so they can try our studio for as long as they want before making it official :) Make sure to tell your friends!

Thanks again Lotte, and we look forward to seeing you on the mat again soon.

Your friends at Yogaia