Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga and Shamanism

Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169
170184 Tumbaco - Quito
Average: 4.6 of 5 stars

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Average: 4.6 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A hands-on practice with great personal development!

Everything they say on their website is right! You dance, cry, practice, sing, make rituals, learn about shamanic, and do yoga every day ... but there is much more... a deeper level of awakening which can not be described. Thank you Durga Tiger School for giving us the belief in ourselves, the remembrance of the signs on the pad, ...

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
More than a yoga practice, a way of life

To use words to describe life changing experiences is the job of a writer. And I am none, but let's try... Iriss, Dani, David, Fanny and all the teachers at the Durgas act from the heart and have build an amazing space for healing and learning what is not only a yoga practice, but a way of life. There is no fakeness, attitude or business here, but only authenticity and knowledge. They know what they do, and they do it with honesty and love.


You will find yourself going deeper and deeper, in your yoga pratice and into yourself, with the space to reflect if you need, or surrounded by people who will listen to you and help you if you ask. You are safe there, as the Tantra yoga practice is the one of a lifetime. Allowing yourself to learn at the Durgas is one of the best gift you can offer to yourself.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
a personal gain

This yoga-teacher-training was exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something different ... a school based on experiences and not based on manuals.. and that is exactly what you are going to find there. Durga's Tiger School is full of experinces ... Great teachers and lovely people who are sharing their experiences with you and a lot of self-awareness-work which makes you grow even within this short time. It was just awesome... a journey full of love, lovely people, beautiful surrounding and AMAZING EXPERIENCES!!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
deep recommendation

I came not very experienced in Yoga and just after a few days my stade of mind changed totaly from a tense one to a very relaxed and creative one. Things started to flow, not just into the lessons.
But also the body came up to a very higher energy level. I realised: This is a lot more than just sports.
The rooms are very peronlay and the whole place is very beauiful.
If someone really needs a reset from the everyday life, go and take a time at Turgas Tiger School!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A human oasis that expands your consiousness

Dear students, seekers, yogis,

Welcome to this yoga teacher training – more than a course, this is a one month retreat from your everyday life – a chance to connect with your inner self and to explore your being in its various aspects: body, mind and spirit.


For that, the organizing team has built a curriculum that involves meditation, various styles of yoga (tantra, kundalini, ashtanga), Ayurveda lectures, dance and shamanism classes. There are also special activities that you can participate in, such as the temazcal (a sweat lodge which originated with pre- Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica). They all are meant to take you out of your comfort zone, and bring your awareness back to yourself as a way to further explore who you are. It won’t be easy – it is likely that you will be an emotional rollercoaster this month - just breath, relax and have fun!

Indeed, this is a Tantra yoga school. Tantra has its roots in Sanskrit words, which refer to expanding our consciousness to attain liberation. This means that the focus of the course will be almost exclusively on stimulating your experience. There won’t be much theory – and please be open to accept it. If you need to write, use the little notebook that is given to record your experience. Halfway in the course you will have a feedback session to share your views and suggestions for improvement.

Finally the only thing I can advise you is to trust the process, the team and yourself. Let yourself flow, forget about the Western way of processing life which focuses on absorbing information and theories, and just enjoy developing your body intelligence. Dare to transform knowledge into wisdom by owning it!

At the end of the course the Durga’s Tiger School Team will pass on all the bookish references you need. In the meantime, let yourself be and feel your way throughout the course, while relying on your colleagues. You, your colleagues, and the group will be your greatest teachers. So take advantage of every minute of this human oasis!



Average: 2.0 of 5 stars

I don't usually leave reviews but felt I needed to in this circumstance. I arrived at Durga's Tiger School with a few years of yoga experience and a curiosity for shamanism. The grounds are beautiful, the food is delicious, and the teachers are sweet. During the month I was there, I was always well fed and felt at home.


That being said, after about 10 day days I asked if I was able to get a refund. The answer was no, and I was told that my resistance was apart of the process. Although the teacher spoke out of resistance to the tantra philosophy (repetition, relaxation), I felt more frustrated with the level of education.
Shortly after I arrived I was surprised to find out the school had been open just a year. I was even more surprised that Irise, the owner of the school, and been certified to teach in the Spring of the same year she opened the school. Since there is only one other tantra school in the world, the current instructors had also trained at the new school. All the teacher's had only been certified for less then a year. Anatomy and technique postures weren't taught (there were a few lessons where incorrect and unsafe posture positioning were taught-when the students reported it to Irise, she announced that she would take anatomy and alignment out of the curriculum since it wasn't aligned with Tantra philosophy). On one occasion Irise led us in a move that was dangerous to knees that I had never done before in yoga, when I asked another instructor about it later she said "Yea, sometimes Irise just makes poses up".
I had been waiting for years to get my teacher training and now that I am certified through Durga's Tiger, I don't feel competent to teach. I plan on taking another training in the future and doing better research (or atleast asking more questions before I invest).
I didn't know much about shamanism, so I can not say if my experience learning a bit about shamanism is authentic or not. We did a lot of group trust exercises and free dancing. We did three hours of yoga a day, and the rest of the day was filled with classes such as "expressive arts", "durga's tiger dance", "medicinal plants from the andes".
It's a beautiful spot and a great place for a quick retreat, but from my experience...I wondered if the move to turn Casa Kiliku into a teacher training center was more of a business move then one of devotion to yoga.
Love to all those who do teach there, with heart, and to the best of their ability. Some truly salt of the earth people work there.

Iris DisseJanuary 22, 2016
Re-creating awareness

Dear Raquel,

ups, that is really an unexpected attack out of an ambush– and the team including me is asking itself: why did you never mention anything when we spoke together or in the sharing circles?


You wanted to leave after 10 days. I met you one night drawing your beautiful pictures in your room. You told me, that you had invited your ex boyfriend to the teacher training, and now he wasn’t even speaking with you. So that was the reason you gave me that you wanted to leave. To Dani you said, you do not like the yoga style we are teaching.

You stayed. Sometimes participating in a positive way, another time drowning in your emotions. So I am not so astonished that you tell me, you still not feel you can teach – you did not participate in the teaching classes with an interested active spirit.

Anyhow, if you expect entering a Yoga Teacher Training with little previous Yoga experience, you cannot think you magically get out after a month as the perfect teacher. So, I think it is great you go on to qualify yourself.

I will just share with you the commentary of an experienced Yoga teacher of Greece:

….I did already three Yoga Teacher Trainings, and I have had three own Yoga Schools. In this other trainings I learned a lot of theory – when I came back home I had already forgotten everything. Here in Durga´s Tiger school I feel and experience the knowledge, and that is why I will not forget anything I lived here. … I will be back next year.

To say, I have just one year of practice or I “invent” asanas is defamation, not only against me, but against the institutions the school represent: Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International: I am practising Tantra Yoga since 1993, where I absolved the first one year training. Since then I am giving workshops and classes, last not least between 2008 – 2014 in the “Universidad Andina”. I finished the 500 hrs Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in India three years ago – a deepening practice of Tantra Yoga what inspired me to create a different type of Yoga School, implementing “knowledge that works”: Tantra Yoga Shamanism.
You find all about it in our website: www.durgas-tiger-school.com

Our Teachers like Gabi and Dani have 10 years of practice, and we are proud to give a platform to the most talented young teachers, too.
To get a certificate does not mean you did not practice beforehand. And did you forget the internationally renowned teachers and shamans you worked with like Nicolas, Vlady and Ruth, Ruben and Tatiana of Fanny?

In our school we are convinced, that a Yoga Teacher needs more than perform Asanas: he or she has to enter into a transformational process. We get many letters months after students leave and you can read these commentaries in our web page: http://durgas-tiger-school.com/yoga-teacher-training/students-experiences

About money politics: with 1142 dollar per certified 200 hrs Teacher Training we are one of the most economic schools worldwide. You slept for 12 dollars in a beautiful hotel room, you had three great meals a day for 15 dollars. We can not refund somebody leaving in the middle of the training, as this place was reserved month beforehand- and signing the agreement you already knew that.

We give full sponsorships to indigenous people – next month there will be two. We have partly sponsorships for low budget Yogis and Yoginis. We do that, because we we want to be a part of the solution, not of the problem in this critical time we are living in.

I hope you make your way growing into the yoga teacher you want to be.

We loved to have your defiant creative spirit here. And I hope next time you share your doubts during the process and not months afterwards.

Greetings from the heart

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Creative, free and playful school run by inspiering women!

Durgas tiger school is a wild and unique little school, very different from other yogic places. Everything is based on your own experience and noone tells you how to behave. There is no stiffness about 'being a good yogi', its a genuin, deep and personal journey! The classes involves a lot of playfullness, games, dance and fun - all connected to the tantric and shamanistic worldviews. The founder Iris is a very inspiering and special person full of love, power and creativity.


I read about her at the webpage and felt that she was the one I wanted as a teacher - and she was, as well as the other great teachers at Durgas! This is not the place if you want loads of texts, manuals, theories and 'correct information' about asanas and anatomy, instead its a space where you can let your true teacher be yourself.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
I would prefer

Some more theory and some more body focus.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Something different

This is excellent yoga school with very artistic and playful approach. I definitely recommend it to everyone who seeks to bring more love and light into their life with playing yoga, arts and shamanism.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I would recommend Durga's Tiger School 100%

I had one of the most amazing month at Durga's Tiger School. I felt like part of the family and welcome from day 1. If you want to learn a lot about yourself and are open minded this is the perfect place for you.