Sacred Lasya

Trivandrum Kerela 93454
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Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Indian Paradise

The location, food and training were wonderful!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Life changing

I went to become a better yoga instructor, and left with SO much more. 8 months later, not only am I a more successful yoga instructor, but I am also living a life-long dream.


Sure this certification is great at teaching advanced poses, smart class sequencing techniques, and verbal delivery skills - as you would expect in any 500 hour certification training. But be careful.... if you've had a dream you've always wished for in your life, this experience will bring you face to face with it and show you the building blocks to reach it. This course goes far beyond the yoga mat. This training truly focuses on the yoga of life.

For example - my whole life I've dreamed of touring the world as a professional solo musician, but never really allowed myself to think it was possible, or when I tried, I just didn't have the techniques to apply to my life to really achieve it.

I can confidently say that 8 months after returning from Sacred Lasya, I have now actualized my dream of becoming a professional solo musician with a brand new album that is currently topping the charts on music download sites, and! I already have my first international tour set up for this February! When I went to Sacred Lasya last spring, this was all just a dream. When I returned, I began applying the skills I had used in my training daily and, faster than I could have imagined, everything I'd always dreamed of manifested as a reality.

What's more, I am now teaching my weekly yoga classes with more confidence and knowledge, which has boosted up my class attendance, which has in turn brought in more classes and more private clients :)

I gave 3 stars to "curriculum" because I feel that the training manual could use a little more attention to detail and could be a bit more informative as a stand alone instruction piece, but that's a very small factor compared to everything else offered in this experience.

These teachings are potent. This training is brilliant. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beautiful experience

I met one of the teachers at a weekend retreat and decided to take the plunge to India a couple months later --- it was a leap, but one of the best decisions I have made. I had always wanted to go to India and take a YTT program, so this was a great way to blend two lifelong goals in one month.


We focused a lot on philosophy, asana, group exercises and practice teaching, which made for a well-rounded curriculum. I personally got the most out of the philosophy, which I still refer back to 8+ months later, and the group activities. The activities were designed to let us see what we could create within short periods of time, and I never failed to be entertained, surprised and motivated by the exercises.

The instructors are all knowledgeable, caring individuals who kept a finely-tuned ear to the group, knowing when to push us further or offer a supporting word/ear/hand. I feel very lucky to have studied under them.

I'd highly recommend this trip for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga, explore India and study with inspiring leaders in the yoga world today.