Ümran Fenerci


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Our Passion is to inspire People to live in a better way, to find their inner resources, manage their daily life easier bring more empathie and love in their hearts, to enjoy life.

Who am I?
I am Ümran Fenerci (22.12.1963). Since I was 16 my interest for Yoga awakes and with several (long and short) breaks during the time, Yoga always crosses my roads.
I became a teacher, was a professional Traveler Guide for 7 years, managed 10 years a language school in Germany, teached Magergers in high positions, how to motivate their employees.
To deal with my personal Stress I started to learn techniques to relax and became a trainer for Stressmanagement, for PMR (progressive muscle relaxation, for Autogene Training (a light version of self - hypnosis) for Meditation, and at least I am a proofed Personal Coach. I am 52 years and now and get certificated for a Yoga Trainer.

After many inner and outer journeys I understood that now is the time to share my experiences with others intensively and give them tools to discover and connect with their inner and higher resources.
That's why we will start (together with my Friends for more than 20 years: Tuncer & Panhauser) our Yoga Workshops in Winter in Turkey as one week back to back programs from October to June.

Our goal is o reach yogis and all those who wants to improve, as much as possible.
We believe Yoga is a good way to bring peace to the world in these times of terror. agressivity, selfishness and materiallity.
If everyone feels love in his deep, he can change many things.

So, we want gently invite you to give a retreat at our Place in Turkey - Antalya / Adrasan – La Perla.

Adrasan is a place with a beautiful, huge Energy surrounded with ancient Power centers. Placed directly at the shore our Hotel La Perla gives a warm and peaceful atmosphere.
With 24 rooms we are not overloaded, so everyone can really relax and improve individually and learn from each other.
Our homepage is only in German language yet. We are still working on it to translate it to English.