Aaron Erickson

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
United States

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Aaron Erickson is a spiritual teacher, healer, and mystic. He is the founder of the Mystical Human Yoga School. Aaron is a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been honing his craft for over 18 years and many life times. Aaron’s educational back ground includes a degree in Health Science, license for advance therapeutic bodywork, certifications for Yoga, Chi Kung, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Fitness Coach, Reiki, and Sports Massage. Aaron has worked hands on with over 18,000 people and taught tens of thousands more. Aaron was initiated into the Siddha Yoga path of meditation 14 years ago and went into deep practice for over a year with his teacher learning the higher science of Self awareness and the internal arts. Since then “Aaronanda” has continued to study and develop himself. Mystical Human Yoga School is Aaron’s life work and dharma. He is an intuitive empath and realized the great need of the people. We need an esoteric education and training to really live in balance with nature, humanity, and spirit. It is not taught in school, or religion, or our parents and is vital for health and happiness. Aaronanda believes we are here incarnate for two main reasons 1 to enjoy the human experience and 2 to contribute towards the greater good through our love, talents, and service.


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