Aaron Falzon

St Pauls Bay

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Namaste, my name is Aaron and I was born and raised in Malta. I'm a traveller at heart, have a sweet tooth and love vintage cars/bikes. I teach yoga in my everyday life. I have loving family and friends, I am blessed.

I was always very active in sports and trained at various gyms and classes for a good fifteen years.

I started practicing yoga in Thailand in 2012 during which I attended a Thai Oil Massage course. In 2013 I deepened my practise of Hatha yoga in Rishikesh, India. While being there I was lucky enough to attend daily satsangs by Prem Baba and ShantiMayi. This is really where I really decided to be on team consciousness. I discovered so many new things about myself at this vital time. Conscious breathing and being conscious with your words among others. Here I was introduced to so many new ingredients to put into my practice.

Since that time I have been learning, travelling, living and breathing what I love. Later in 2013 I completed a Traditional Yoga teacher training course at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, an ashram in India. I taught in beaches, guesthouses and any public place available. I choose to always be a student of what I love. All of it. I have a lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice. It can be a struggle at times but my Yoga is the underlying force keeping all of the pieces together.

Yoga is really the art of waking up. Getting back to the true you. It can be that simple. Yoga offers up a way for us to see a world that is working for you instead of against you. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness. If the journey really is the reward, then I choose to enJOY the journey. I hope you will join me.

Love and shine ॐ ☮ ♥


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