Abbie Daven

London, H9
United States

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Australian-born and London-based, I teach a vibrant, dynamic practice for all levels. I teach with a focus on alignment and considered sequencing. Grounded in functional anatomy, classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, to be fun and inspiring.

I started practicing yoga in 2003, exploring a range of styles and methods before settling into Vinyasa Flow a few years ago. I was first drawn in by the promise of a nice stretchy body to complement my gym workouts, but I soon discovered the practice is more than just longer hamstrings.

Yoga helps me give a little back to my body and restore some balance, despite what I can sometimes put it through. It has helped me stay a little more grounded through my youth, and should keep me happy and light into old age.

I was inspired to teach because I think everyone should have the chance to feel amazing. Qualified as a teacher with YogaLondon in 2014, I want to share my love of the practice with my students.

For me, yoga isn't about being the strongest, most flexible human in the room. It’s about aligning with something bigger than yourself, creating space in the body and the mind; whatever that means for you. It’s about the process, about rebuilding yourself little by little from the inside out.


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