Abby delSol


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Grew up in a holistic family dealing with complimentary therapies in the alternative town of El Bolson in the Argentine Andes. Since 2000 using drum rattles and singing began her work with Shamanic techniques helping people connect with their hearts and needs. Abby was responsible for introducing the Gong to South America, organizing workshops in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay for Don Conreaux since 2004, as well as leading Gong Sound Healings and Mantra workshops at her family owned therapy center in her home town of El Bolson. Alongside her love for archaic sounds and singing as a tool to get in touch with your intuition and self awareness, Abby has been practicing Yoga most of her life. Has synthesized the MEM Gong Yoga Krya teachings of Gong Master Don Conreaux, with rich knowledge acquired over the years from many sources and is now helping people become more aware of the effects of emotions on the physical body and visa versa. Through a series movement, breath and focused intention and attention along with the powerful vibrations of the Gong, voice and archaic instruments Abby leads you on a self exploration journey to your inner Self in order to breath self confidence in the great improvisation of life. When not teaching regular Yoga classes or workshops at her retreat centre, Abby alongside her partner Tom, provides Concerts of expansive, meditative and trance music all over the world.


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