Abby Herrick

St. Louis, MO
United States
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Abby has been practicing yoga over 12 years and became certified in 2011. Yoga is about the inner changes and awareness. Practice is a time to put everything else on hold and connect to ones inner being. The heightened awareness experienced through practice is what continues to draw her to my mat. Abby's passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had upon her life in hopes of continuing this positive effect among others. Abby has continued to deepen her practice and expand the scope of her studies in Asthanga Vinyasa, alignment based on Iyengar method, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, SUP yoga, Acroyoga. Abby shares her classes with her students, as a journey to the heart, surrendering to a higher vibration, and enabling them to practice to their own level of ability. No class is the same, but the contract between Abby and her students always is: Be real, be you, be here, be now. Connect with your core, stay in your power, and do not stray. Her philosophy on yoga is this; Find and face the challenges on the mat, so that we may live our lives effortlessly. As an instructor, her Vinyasa flow classes are deceptively challenging, uplifting, and approachable, as she takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and brings you into your own sacred space.

Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Abby's classes and workshops will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability, as well as provide the space to discover the truth in transition, and the sense of lightness you're looking for in your practice.

Abby is also certified in Thai Yoga Therapy level 1, she is a Registered Dietitian, and Certified ACSM Personal Trainer amongst coaching clients as a Certified Wellness Practitioner


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent teacher.

I've been going to Abby for yoga and exercise for almost two years and she is always looking for ways to help people with what they are looking for. She give a little push here and some encouraging words there. I've enjoyed having her for a teacher and look forward to many more classes.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful Yoga Instructor

Abby is a wonderful Yoga Instructor. She teaches us to listen to our bodies, to be more self aware and to trust ourselves. She brings positive energy with her to every class. Every session has been a great one and I look forward to my next.

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Yoga at its best!!

I just started doing Yoga this year, I was very fortunate to be introduced to Abby through my employer. I have since been attending Abby's Thursday night session as well. I have always struggled learning to let myself relax, but her style of yoga truly enables me to tune into myself during these sessions and I have gained the ability to concentrate on only me which is a phenomenal inner strength.


I highly recommend giving her classes a chance as I think you too will be extremely satisfied with what you will learn about yourself. I always defined a true workout as a fast paced cardio activity or working out with weights on some form of exercise equipment, but I now know that is not the case. Yoga is the perfect workout mentally and physically. I have lost weight and toned up in areas that I have worked at for 5 years in only 5 months. Thanks Abby!

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Abby is the best!

As a newbie to Yoga, it was so refreshing to work with Abby. From the moment I walked in the door she was genuine and knowledgable about her practice and has a geniune passion for Yoga and all things related. She made me confortable and I could start telling a difference in my body and mindset within a few weeks. I originally had my doubts about Yoga, but I'm fully committed after attending her classes and hope to continue to practice going forward.


I would highly recommend Abby to anyone, beginner or seasoned Yogi. She works with your needs and capabilities and always has variation ready to go if a specific pose is a little advanced for me. A+, Five Stars, 2 Thumbs Up. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her next class or workshop and see for yourself!

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One of the BEST

Abby is a wonderful yoga instructor. She is very personable, and I like how she focuses on the spiritual aspect of one's practice. She helps each individual reach their own personal potential both physically and mentally.

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Staying Injury Free

I started yoga about a year ago as an adjunct to marathon training. A friend suggested yoga to increase flexibility, strengthen hips and core and stretch tired hamstrings. I tried several studios looking for the best fit instructor for me. Abby focuses on alignment and proper form which is so important for beginners. You just get more out of yoga if you do it properly. I highly recommend a session or class with'll be feeling more centered, healthier and less stiff and creaky in no time!

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Yoga Review

Abby is exceptional. She has a wide breath of experiences and certifications, so has an appreciation of nutrition, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and physical fitness. She is very outgoing and friendly. Her classes are welcoming and are a great yoga workout.

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Love Thyself

Anyone who has practiced yoga over the course of time knows that yoga teaches one to accepting and loving thyself as they are. Yoga also teaches a person to tap into their true potential and understand the glass is half full. Of course, having an instructor that truly encourages this further enhances the moment, experience, and journey of yoga. Abby does this to its full entity and then some.


Furthermore, Abby is truly an embodiment of the common yogi/ yogini as she lives the lifestyle of loving others and loving thyself. If anyone wants to further their own practice, Abby is definitely worth considering to have as a teacher/ instructor whether it be through a group class, private session solo, or a private session with a partner. Namaste!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Leads by Example

Abby brings knowledge, support, and grace to her practice. I have attended several of her workshops and always come away with a better understanding of the subject presented. She is highly approachable, and completely non-judgmental. She can teach to all levels, including athletes. You will not be disappointed.