Abby Rosmarin

Hooksett, NH
United States

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Once upon a time, I was an early education teacher and a runner who liked yoga as a way to "stretch out" tight muscles. My time as an ECE teacher was short-lived; after four years in the field, I recognized that the stress was too much for me and I left. But during that time, I finally turned to yoga as something more than a means to get more flexible. I discovered the beauty in the mind-body connection, the sense of calm that can come when you embrace all that yoga can offer, and the desire to pass this discovery on to the world.

I live and teach by the motto, "Yoga is exactly what you make of it and exactly what you need it to be." Yoga comes in all varieties, and it will feel and mean something different to each person experiencing it. My goal as an instructor is convey the message that "advanced yoga" doesn't mean a student muscles through the most physically-strenuous poses; it means that the student has found an understanding of their mind & body and seeks out the poses that serve them best.


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