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Abby Tucker is a dedicated yoga student, teacher, and lover of life.

Passionate and down-to-earth, Abby’s bohemian heart radiates through her life in all its aspects — at home, as a student, and as a teacher. She doesn’t differentiate between the practice of yoga and the practice of life, believing that yoga is how you do something, not something you do.

As a teacher, Abby creates an atmosphere of keeping it real while challenging students to their highest potential in the moment. She speaks from the authentic place of her own heart’s experience and is renowned for her unique ability to make the practices of yoga pertinent to the full spectrum of life experiences. Her classes are a profound and authentic offering of dynamic alignment, embodied flow, and skillful refinement. Students are encouraged to work diligently while honoring their own boundaries. Abby believes in empowering students through deep inquiry and skillful application of a pulsation of dynamic alignment principles. Each asana class also includes the essential grounding practices of pranayama and meditation.

Abby spent much of her childhood in a mystical field behind her home in Tennessee. It was there that she first learned that all of nature—including our own human nature—had a pulse, a rhythm and a cycle. She became enchanted by yoga at the age of 10, and began exploring Eastern religions and philosophies in high school and college. It was in 1998 that she finally came to the practices of yoga and, finding her entire life transformed by its alchemy, she left her full-time career in public relations and in 1999 turned her life over to yoga, becoming a full-time yoga student for the next four years. She began teaching in 2002, earned her Anusara certification in 2005, and now holds an E-RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance. Above all, Abby is a student of the MahaShakti, the highest flow of life and Consciousness and with complete devotion she continues to fully immerse herself in her yoga studies and in the essential practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and mudra.

Beyond the “yoga” world, Abby has many delights, interests, and courses of study, particularly those of her heritage, which includes Native American and Celtic blood. She is a Priestess on the path of initiation in the Avalon Mysteries tradition. Abby is deeply moved by the poetry of John O'Donohue and Walt Whitman is no less moved by the poetry of a baseball game, a thoughtful meal, or skiing down a mountain with her beloved family. You’ll often find her under a redwood tree in the Berkeley hills or up the plum tree in her backyard.

Abby lives in Berkeley, CA, and teaches public classes, workshops, as well as advanced studies programs in the Bay Area, nationally and internationally.

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